The new iPhone 12 turned out to be excellent in every way; the new “basic” iPhone now looks no worse than the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, and against the background of last year’s iPhone 11 differences are enough. You can find out about all the details in the video, Valentin shares his opinion, and at the same time offers to take part in the draw iPhone 11 and iPhone 12:

Let’s run through the main points and highlight the main advantages of the novelty.

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New design

If the iPhone 11 has inherited the exterior features of the old iPhone XR, the iPhone 12 has completely new shapes. Instead of rounded sideways, there were flat sides, the phone looks different and feels differently in hand. Also, it became lighter by 30 grams, losing 15% of the weight, at the same time reduced width and height.

Did you miss the new design? Now you can rejoice that the basic iPhone looks no worse than the Pro-version and differs only materials: aluminium on the sides instead of steel.

Another thing is that if you put the phone in the case, you find the difference between the iPhone 11 and 12 will be well complicated, and no one will know that you have a new iPhone.

Apple has also improved the phone’s in-water defence: the iPhone 12 meets the IP68 standard but can withstand a dive to a depth of six meters.

Other colours

Last year’s iPhone 11 is sold in six colours: classic black and white, red (PRODUCT)RED, pale yellow and the same pastel lilac and green.In the case of the iPhone 12, the palette has been updated: black, white and more pink than red (PRODUCT)RED remained. There was a new blue colour and stayed green.

Smaller frames, stronger glass

The long-suffering display frames, for which the phone was not criticized only by a lazy gadget writer, have become thinner. At the same time, the size of the display remained the same, but the screen resolution grew, and the matrix changed from IPS to OLED. Now the quality of the image “basic” iPhone is not inferior to the Pro-version.

Both phones support the colour coverage of the P3, as well as there is True Tone, but the iPhone 12 added HDR support. Even in the advantages of the new iPhone, you can add a higher margin of brightness and a more contrasting screen.

The iPhone 12 also received Ceramic Shield coverage, which protects the screen when the phone falls. According to Apple, it is four times stronger than the old glass.

Now with 5G

At the presentation of new products, many words were said about the support of iPhones 5G networks. On the one hand, this is an obvious drawback of the iPhone 11. It does not support them. On the other hand, living in Russia, you still can not evaluate high-speed networks in practice.

What’s inside

Both iPhones received versions of 64, 128 and 256 GB. Apple does not disclose the RAM data, but judging by the tests, both phones received 4GB of RAM. Of course, the processor in the iPhone 12 is newer and more modern, it is already made on the 5-nm process – by the way, the same processor in 12 Pro.

In turn, in the iPhone 11 top last year’s chip and practice to feel the difference between them is very difficult. Both phones are very fast, but the soul of the owner of the iPhone 12 will warm to the fact that the smartphone will last longer to get new versions of iOS.

Wireless charging is available in both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12, but the new iPhone supports 15-watt charging, while the old one only has 7.5 watts. About accessories with MagSafe for iPhone 12 also do not forget.

Which lasts longer

The iPhone 11 has excellent performance, and the phone can safely withstand a day of very active use or two days of vigorous workload. Compared to it, the iPhone 12 works less, but not by much. According to my subjective feelings, the iPhone 12 will withstand a day and a half with a similar load.

Updated cameras

The front-facing camera has not changed – in both smartphones, there is an identical 8-MP module. The primary camera in the iPhone 12 is now more light-sensitive, but the sensor is the same as the one in the iPhone 11. But neural networks help to achieve better results: night mode appeared for both ultra-wide-angle camera and front-facing, and the third-generation Smart HDR analyzes the scene and adjusts the colours depending on the lighting.

If you take pictures every day, you like to bother with the processing of photos – iPhone 12 take unequivocally. For all other cases and the iPhone 11 will be okay.

Minimalistic kit

Apple has a new concept: together with phones we get a minimum set of accessories, no more charging and headphones, only cable. And in such a minimal set is sold and the new iPhone 12, and the old iPhone 11. So if you suddenly come across the eleventh iPhone in a large box with charging and headphones from old batches, consider that lucky.

The money

Everyone is a good iPhone 12, but it costs much more than last year’s iPhone 11, which is decently cheaper. I take, for example, the official prices: for the iPhone 12 for 64 GB ask 79 990 rubles, but the iPhone 11 with the same amount of memory costs 54 990 rubles.

Is it worth overpaying?

Let’s run through the main points in favour of the iPhone 12:

  • The phone is smaller, and the screen is just as large;
  • The display is a completely different level, shorter frame, better picture quality, OLED instead of IPS;
  • Improved camera;
  • 5G support, but in Russia this feature is useless;
  • The freshest Apple A14 processor;
  • Support for MagSafe accessories.

Cons regarding the iPhone 11:

  • Autonomy is a little worse;
  • Less choice of colours.

As a result, I want to say that the iPhone 11 as a hit of sales, continuing the legacy of no less popular iPhone XR, and will remain a sought-after the release of a very successful iPhone 12. Everything rests on money, at current prices iPhone 12 is 25,000 rubles more expensive than the iPhone 11, which is almost half the cost of last year’s phone.

Therefore, the advice will be this: if there is free money and want to please yourself with a new iPhone, boldly take the iPhone 12. If the budget is limited and generally do not pursue technology, preferring balanced solutions, then vote ruble for the iPhone 11.

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