Subscription boxes make for the perfect corporate gifts. Here's everything you need to know about giving subscription boxes as gifts.Subscription Box Service Delivery Mailbox 3d Illustration

Around 62% of Americans have lied about how much they liked a gift. This figure seems a bit low! Almost everyone receives gifts they don’t like for their birthday or a holiday every year.

Though most people sell, donate, or regift unwanted presents, they are a huge waste. Instead of buying your loved ones gifts that they don’t like, consider gifting subscription boxes. These boxes are a recurring delivery of specific products that you can send straight to the giftee.

You might be skeptical that your loved one or colleague would appreciate a subscription box over a traditional gift. This guide will prove you wrong! Read on to discover why these boxes would make a great holiday or corporate gift.

Great Value for Money per Box

Subscription boxes cover all types of products, from craft supplies to designer perfume. They can cost anywhere between $25 and $2,500 and often last six or 12 months. 

When you order the boxes, they may seem pricey. But when you divide that number between six or 12 and research the RRP of the products online, you’re likely getting a good deal!

Includes Essential or Luxury Items

You can choose to treat your loved one to a little bit of luxury with a subscription box. You could send them candles, cocktail kits, or jewelry every month.

But if you’re buying a box for a college student, for example, you could send them socks or toiletries. They are sure to be thankful!

Introduces New Brands or Products

Let’s say your loved one likes craft beer. They likely enjoy tasting new types of beer and discovering great new breweries. There are tons of unique subscription boxes filled with weird and wonderful beer styles.

Subscription boxes are thoughtful because you can choose one connected to your loved one’s interests. But they’re also fresh and exciting in the eyes of your giftee!

Experts Curate Subscription Boxes

Let’s say you aren’t crafty but your friend loves knitting and you want to get them a knitting subscription box. People who put together crafty subscription boxes know far more about knitting than you do. 

You can give your friend a gift they’ll like without having to learn tons about knitting. Win-win!

They Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

One of the best things about gifting subscription boxes is being able to give them a gift over and over. These gifts remind your loved ones how much you appreciate them again and again.

And it’s a “set it and forget it” gift. You only need to order the gift once and it continues for a set amount of time. It’s low-maintenance and easy.

Give Loved Ones Subscription Boxes To Show You Care

As you can see, subscription boxes are thoughtful and useful gifts. As long as you know at least one of the giftee’s hobbies, you can buy them a gift they’ll enjoy for much longer than a day.

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