The name sounds like a foreign name. It comes from the Chinese character “Ching-tee”, which literally means “one who calls to a higher, peaceful and good”. The story of the book is about a young girl called Ying, who while tending her rice field, found a singing duck. He was so moved by this event that he wanted to learn how to sing.

This would become one of her most important lessons in life. He traveled to the Tuau River in an attempt to master this art, but was captured by pirates and returned to China. There he was sold as a slave to a Chinese farmer and was forced to live with him and perform many menial tasks. One day, he decided to try and master the art of singing, so he returned to Tuau River again.

One night, he saw a man named Lung setting fire to a basket of rice. He was trying to start a fire and use the heat to cook rice. One of the firewood did not ignite properly, this caused the man to trip and break an ankle.

When the ambulance arrived, the doctors could not believe what they were seeing. They put Ying in the back of the ambulance and rushed her to the local hospital. Her luck did not last long. Shortly afterward, he died of a heart attack, due to the injuries he received from the fire.

Since that time, Ying has been trying to learn how to sing but has had no luck. One day, he met a Chinese called Lan. They bonded over the course of several months and he invited her family to his home for a week-long vacation. During this time, he taught her how to read the Chinese language, how to write it, and to practice her singing.

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Famous books of Chinh Chu

Chinh Chu wrote a fantastic book, which contains some of the best-written Chinese stories I have ever read. It’s also a great introduction to the Chinese language and culture. For anyone who wants to learn, I highly recommend picking up a copy. You won’t regret it.

There are some minor spelling errors and a couple of stories that are a little corny but that is about all. The main characters’ names are given very sparingly and you can tell that the writer has not spent a lot of time writing them. The story is short but it never becomes boring. The reader knows that everything will end happily because it will. You don’t need to be an expert to understand the story and get the point.

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