Snapchat recently added a new Avatar lens called Snapchat Cartoon and Avatar Lenses to its app. You can use it to see how you would seem in the Metaverse. The lens gives people a Pixar or Sims-like appearance. You can now convert any photo into a cartoon painting using a recent trend. This is comparable to the popular Snapchat trend of cartoon faces that you may have seen on social media.

People are now becoming more like animated characters by changing their look. It recently became viral and has gained popularity in various areas just in the last year. TikTok is also utilising AI to identify filters for users, proving that this trend is not just restricted to Snapchat.

The Disney Face Trends on Snapchat

In August 2020, Snapchat introduced the Snapchat Cartoon Face lens, which marked the beginning of the trend. When they discovered that they could transform both themselves and other users into Disney characters, several users appeared to seize upon this trend immediately. Users were prompted to give themselves and their pets comic faces as a result of a new TikTok filter.

Snapchat unveiled a new lens in December 2020 that goes beyond “emojis” to create a more lifelike cartoon. The business introduced the Cartoon Style 3D lens after seeing the Disney trend. The new contact lenses resembled Disney characters more than the older ones did. The Lens had 2.8 billion impressions in the first week following its release.

Snapchat has filters that allow you to transform into a Disney or video game character. Fun times with them!

Snapchat cartoon/avatar lenses

How to Use the Avatar Lens on Snapchat

1. Visit Snapchat’s Avatar page

2. Or, use a QR code reader

How Do I Use the Cartoon Face Lens on Snapchat?

1. Open the Snapchat page for Cartoon Face

2. Or, use a QR code reader

How Do I Use the Cartoon Lens on Snapchat?

1. Visit Snapchat’s Cartoons page

2. Or, use a QR code reader

How Do You Use the Snapchat 3D Cartoon Lens?

1. Visit Snapchat’s Cartoon 3D Style page

2. Or, use a QR code reader


This new effect is just one of several in the world of Snapchat that are certain to leave consumers wanting more. Many Snapchat users are looking for new Snapchat lenses to check out, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. We can still assist you in trying out the most recent avatar lens to be published, even if it is still too soon to say whether it will rank among the most popular Snapchat lenses.

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