To start using JoinPD, you need an account. There are two different types of accounts: teacher and student. A teacher account allows the teacher to create a presentation and distribute code to students. The teacher can also monitor student performance. This feature prevents students from editing their answers. Both types of accounts have different features.

Pear Deck is a freemium service

Pear Deck is an online classroom tool with a wide variety of features for teachers, students, and admins. It helps you create interactive presentations and share them with others. The app works with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Pear Deck allows you to create and share slides that engage all students, create formative assessments, and support an interactive classroom environment. It also provides a variety of tools and templates that integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.

Pear Deck allows teachers to create interactive presentations that allow students to respond independently to content. The app is free for teachers to use, and teachers can subscribe to a paid account to access more features and add extra tools. It combines slide presentations with interactive questions, and is secure and unhackable. It also makes it easy for instructors to track student progress. The service is user-friendly and allows you to share your presentations with others with a single click.

Pear Deck is free to use, and you can create and share your presentations anytime. It has a simple dashboard view that shows you the slides and responses of your students. It also offers customizable prompts to help students answer questions. Students can respond to the prompts by clicking a thumbs up or thumbs down. The app also allows you to assign homework.

Pear Deck also allows teachers to customize their presentations and submit videos to students. All of the materials are saved in a Google Drive folder so that you can share them with other teachers, parents, and colleagues. Using Pear Deck in this manner can help you ramp up your formative assessment program.

Pear Deck also offers teachers and students the opportunity to participate in live presentations. This allows teachers to share their ideas with their students in a more dynamic environment than in a traditional classroom. Students can also access the platform with their Google Drive accounts. Unlike traditional classrooms, students can also be rewarded for participating in live presentations.

Pear Deck offers free and premium accounts. If you decide to use it for your presentations, you can try out the free version and see how it works. If you like the features, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

Teachers can create presentations

JoinPD is a useful learning tool for educators that lets teachers create interactive presentations and give them to students via a unique access code. This way, teachers can monitor student responses and see what is working and what is not. Additionally, they can lock down student accounts to prevent them from editing one another’s answers.

JoinPD is similar to the canvas application and offers many of the same features. You can create presentations using various templates and upload them to the platform. The platform also allows teachers to import PowerPoint presentations. There are many features available to help educators create interactive presentations. The platform also offers an extensive library of PowerPoint templates and allows teachers to create their own from scratch.

JoinPD is free to use and allows teachers to share their presentations. They can also generate join codes that students can use to listen to the presentation. It also has controls so that teachers can monitor student behavior. Teachers can use JoinPD for thirty days without paying a penny. This allows educators to test the software out before purchasing.

JoinPD is easy to use. You can share your presentations with students, assign contributors, and monitor the progress of all participants. Users can even set a limit on how much time a student can spend editing a presentation. There are also several features that allow educators to customize the experience for their students.

Pear Deck is another great interactive presentation tool. It allows students to comment on your presentation and respond anonymously. Pear Deck integrates with Google Drive, so you can share your presentations and responses with other teachers. Using Pear Deck is easy to create an interactive presentation with anonymous participation.

Teachers can share their presentations with students on JoinPD. This is a free service and a great teaching tool for educators and students alike. With JoinPD, teachers can also share their presentations with colleagues.

Students can join in on presentations

Using the Interactive Presentation feature, students can join in on a presentation by navigating to an Interactive Presentation in the course. If the class is online, they can access the link by using the FeedbackFruits website or LMS interface. Once they’ve accessed the link, they can start the presentation by clicking the Start Presentation button.

When students join in on a presentation, it’s helpful to set an order for them to follow during the session. This will minimize the time required for changeovers. If possible, students can submit their PowerPoint slides and other visual aids ahead of time. It’s also helpful to make sure that everyone is in the same time zone. Microsoft Teams is available for live presentations and recorded presentations. If you’re using Microsoft Teams, recording your sessions will appear in Blackboard Course and Microsoft Stream. The same principles that apply to live presentations apply to recordings.

In addition to viewing slides in real time, students can also join in on interactive presentations by answering open questions that appear during the presentation. The steps for answering open questions are similar to those used for multiple choice questions. Type the answer in the text box below the question. Then, press the blue check button to submit the answer.

Pear Deck is a great tool for engaging students in real-time presentations. Pear Deck is an online tool that can be used for presentations and includes a Student Paced Mode. Using Pear Deck requires stable WiFi for online use. Pear Deck requires a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account for login. You can also use Pear Deck to track student progress. After logging in, students will be assigned a nickname and animal avatar.

Creating interactive presentations is easy. Just use a few basic principles and the right technology to make it happen. Educators should always strive to create presentations that engage students and make them eager to learn. Interactive presentations can also reduce boredom in the classroom and increase retention.

Features of JoinPD

JoinPD lets teachers upload presentations to share with their students. Teachers can share the presentation to the student’s account with a login code. They can also set limits to the activities of students. They can also block the students from editing their answers. The system also allows the teacher to keep track of the number of participants.

JoinPD is useful for teachers who want to track the progress of their students. They can easily monitor the performance of their students anonymously and modify their teaching accordingly. In addition, the platform also makes it easy to share presentations with their students. Teachers can even assign unique access codes to students so that they can track the progress of their students.

Before using Joinpd, users need to create an account. To register, users need to provide their name, email address, and contact details. They can then select the law enforcement organizations they want to work with. Once they’ve registered, they can search for other users who need help. If they’re able to locate a user that needs help, they can contact them directly.

Another popular educational platform is Peardeck. This tool lets teachers conduct online classes and allow students to discuss problems. Teachers can also use Peardeck to create presentations. Students can also collaborate on a project with other users. JoinPD also offers premium features such as private decks and private templates. For those who are looking for a Peardeck alternative, JoinPD might be the right choice for you.

Users can create an account through JoinPD by using their Microsoft or Google account and giving permission for the website to access their data. They will need a five-letter unique code to log in to their account. Once the user logs in, they can access the various features of JoinPD. If they’re not familiar with Peardeck, they can read the company’s terms of service before granting access to their data.

Joinpd offers a free trial so that potential users can check out the platform and see if it suits their needs. It is also easy to use and offers some of the most sophisticated tools for managing customer data. The software also has a feature for managing contacts. Users can also use the website to manage their online presence by creating profiles, adding content, and interacting with potential clients.

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