What Are the Different Types of Attics That Exist Today?

Did you know that only 7 percent of homeowners in the United States make their attic a big part of their focus for a home renovation? A smart homeowner realizes that there is a ton of valuable space inside of the attic that can be used for storage or for additional living space in the home.

There are steps that need to be taken in order to get these different types of attics ready to be lived in, like getting attic insulation and ensuring that the types of roofs are sealed to prevent a damp attic.

If you’ve ever wondered about the different types of attics then today is your lucky day. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn all about the best attics for your home. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Scuttle Attic

Scuttle attics are some of the most common types of attics. They don’t have a permanent staircase that you can use in order to access the attic so you should expect to have a trap door and a ladder that drops down from it. The scuttle attic is most often used for storage purposes.

Unfinished Attic

An unfinished attic sets itself apart from a scuttle attic because it is accessible through a permanent flight of stairs rather than a dropdown ladder. A big drawback of this type of attic is that it is not finished and ready for someone to live in it. You’ll want to click here to learn about attic insulation for your unfinished attic before you turn it into a living space.

Partially Finished Attic

Partially finished attics are another popular type of attic. The thing that differentiates a partially finished attic is the amount of square footage that is livable based on building code. This type of attic will equal somewhere between 20 percent and 39 percent of the home or building’s square footage for the primary floor.

Completely Finished Attic

The most ideal type of attic if you’re looking for additional room to use and live in when it comes to your home is the completely finished attic. The living space in a finished attic should equal around 54 percent of the primary floor square footage in your home. If your home has one of the steep types of roofs then it will take away from the usable square footage of your home’s attic.

Fully Furnished Wall Height Attic

The best of all attics is the fully furnished wall-height attic. These types of attics have 55 percent or more of the square footage of your home’s primary floor. You’ll find that you have this type of attic when you choose to finish the entire attic rather than only a portion.

Now You Know the Common Types of Attics

There are many different types of attics that you’ll find in a wide variety of homes, and it is up to you as a smart homeowner to decide the best way to finish your home’s attic. A big factor to consider is the types of roofs and the slope of the roof on your home. You should also consider getting attic insulation if your attic is currently unfinished.

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