There are different types of wire drawing dies that are available and which help in the customers in reducing the diameter if the ferrous and non-ferrous wires and rods. The cables and wires have extensive applications in numerous industries across the board. Some of the common applications of the wire drawing includes cables, electrical wiring, tension-loaded structural components, paper clips, springs, stringed musical instruments, and the spokes for wheels. The drawing process is usually done at room temperature and thus it gets classified as the cold working process however it might be performed at higher temperatures for the large wires so that they can reduce forces.

S&Z Wire Die is the best destination for wire drawing dies

There are numerous suppliers of high quality wire drawing dies in the market. If you want specific wire drawing dies based on your requirements then you can browse through the comprehensive collections of these tools from different companies and then make an appropriate selection as per your business needs.

The SZ Wire Die is one of the prominent manufacturers in the market with a broad category of products including Nano diamond coated dies, natural diamond dies, polycrystalline diamond dies, shaped wire dies, and the ultrasonic die polishing machine. If you are interested in one of these products then you can browse through the specific category and check out all the listings from the company.

The has a professional team for R&D with various senior experts on its team. The company also has professors as well as doctoral supervisors from the Ocean University of China, Qingdao University, and Shandong University. The R&D capabilities of the company are pioneering in the domestic market and it continues to innovate in the field of wire drawing dies.

The benefits of Nano dies

The Nano diamond coated dies, also referred in short as Nano dies, are generally used in different applications such as bunching and compacting wire drawing, cable stranding, and the tube drawing. There are various advantages of using the Nano dies for your applications. Let us have a look.

The die life with Nano dies extends to about 10 times more in comparison to the tungsten carbide wire dies. The zero wear guaranteed by the Nano dies throughout its entire life cycle means there are significant savings on the high costs of the raw materials. The Nano dies also provide a smoother surface with lower friction and considerably higher price performance over tungsten carbide die and PCD. The size of the Nano dies available in the market is a maximum of φ 120mm.

The diamond coating applied on the Nano dies make the tooling incredibly exceptional in terms of both smoothness as well as durability. This provides massive advantages to the wire and the cable manufacturers. If you are interested then you can check out the complete collection of Nano dies from S&Z Wires.

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