Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that roughly 480,000 Americans die yearly from cigarette-related deaths. People aged 25-44 had the highest death rate from those deaths.

Smoking cigarettes has been part of American culture for as long as we can remember. Some use it for stress relief, feeling good, or social situations.

Furthermore, consistent use of cigarettes can become addicting, making it challenging to stop when you want to. But if you’re ready for help with smoking cessation, hemp products may be something to look into.

With their benefits, you’ll be able to curb smoking and get your health back on track. Read on for more insight.

What is Hemp?

Hemp and marijuana are often confused because they derive from cannabis plants. But the main difference between the two is the THC levels in these products.

Most hemp buds have less than 0.3% THC in them, meaning that you won’t get high. That’s why when it comes to tobacco alternatives, people look at using CBD products.

How Does Hemp Alleviate Nicotine Addiction?

Smoking cessation is not as easy as it sounds because chemicals such as nicotine can keep you addicted. However, a recent study showed that organic hemp could help reduce cigarette consumption.

Some other benefits of hemp regarding smoking cessation include:

  • Easing smoking cues
  • Alleviate withdrawal symptoms
  • Curbs anxiety

There are various ways hemp can help you with your smoking addiction. But how can you gain these health benefits? With the help of CBD cigarettes.

CBD Cigarettes

Don’t be alarmed. We know you’re trying to stop smoking cigarettes. But it can be difficult to stop when you’ve been smoking multiple times a day for an extended period.

That’s where CBD cigarettes come in. They’ll still give you the smoking sensation that you’ve known to love.

But instead of providing adverse health effects, it will provide the benefits we listed above. CBD cigarettes are also an excellent solution for those looking to quit smoking because they quickly alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Finding the Right Hemp Products

Before you search online for hemp products, it’s essential to know what to look for. First, you want to ensure that these products are legal in your state.

As mentioned above, hemp products need to contain less than 0.3% to comply with federal legality. However, if recreational marijuana is legal where you live, the dosage can be higher.

You’ll also want to ensure the sites you visit are verified by third-party lab results. These results let you know the bud’s quality and if you can trust the retailer.

If you don’t see this information, you may not want to buy from that online dispensary. However, for those looking for high-quality products, consider TIMBR Organics Delta 8 Cigarettes.

Hemp Products Can Help With Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation can be challenging when you’re used to smoking cigarettes all day. However, with the help of hemp products, you’ll be able to curb your smoking addiction in no time.

If you’re looking for more tips on relieving your smoking addiction or CBD usage, visit our blog for more information.

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