How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy!

Are you new to the world of Little Alchemy? Stuck on the life combination and wondering how to make it in Little Alchemy? Then, you are in the right place. Woods is indeed an important ingredient in Little Alchemy. So here are some pointers on how to make Wood in little alchemy. Understanding this will help you move through the different combinations that could work wonderfully!

What is Little Alchemy All About?

Little Alchemy is a hugely popular online game in which you combine simple things to make more complicated things. It’s a game that combines adventure and science, and it will make you into an alchemist. There are some elements of nature that will help to play the game. The elements are:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth

Did you know? You can make 550 things with these four things. What you have to do is to drag and drop one to another and mix them well. Always remember, you can only mix two things. Later on, you can find it in the right-hand menu bar. This online alchemy game is easy to play, and you’ll find it very fun. Read the entire blog to know how to make Wood in little alchemy. Let’s get started!

Some Points To Remember On How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy?

We’ll show you how to make Wood in little alchemy. There are several ways to get a combination, but these cheats work best. 

Axe and woods

It is important to put an axe and a forest flower together here. Apart from this one, Wood can be used in other alchemy combinations. You only need these two things for creating Wood. It’s so simple!

Having an axe and a forest makes Wood.

Axe and Tree

With the help of an axe and a tree, you can make Wood easily. If you want to get Wood quickly in Little Alchemy, this is one of the most common ways to do it. All you need for the recipe are these two things an axe and a tree. That’s all!

Axe and a tree make Wood.

It has both Chainsaw and Forest.

A lot of people use this when they want Wood. Putting Wood together will make other things, like stone and metal. Sounds good?

This is how it works: Chainsaw + Forest = Wood.

This is the chainsaw and a tree.

The woods can be made in a small amount of alchemy, which is a lot of Wood. All you need is the chainsaw and a tree for this recipe to work.

This works like a chainsaw, and a tree makes Wood.

A lumberjack and a forest.

This is one of the most common alchemy recipes for woods, and trust me, and this works wonderfully. Since the game itself is named “Little Alchemy,” you’ll get two wood elements that can be used to make other things, like stone and metal.

Lumberjacks and forests make Wood.

A lumberjack and a tree.

Make sure you have at least one lumberjack character and an oak tree to get woods with this recipe. One of the most popular things people do in Little Alchemy when they want to get Wood quickly is to mix two things.

Lumberjack and a tree create Wood.

A tool and a forest.

This is a very simple thing to do. All you need for this alchemy recipe is a tool and a forest to make it work. In the end, you’ll have one wood element that will come in handy later on, especially if you want to make stone or metal with a little alchemy.

A tool and a forest make Wood.

A tool and trees.

A mixture of trees and tools will also help you get woods from Little Alchemy. Also, grab one piece of Wood and use it in other alchemy combinations later on when you do this.

A tool and a tree make Wood.

Sword and a fir.

In this recipe, you only need a sword and a tree to get one piece of Wood. Little Alchemy also has a lot of alchemy recipes for Wood. Try it!

Sword and a tree make Wood.

The Bottom Line

So now you are quite confident on how to make Wood in little alchemy. We hope you followed our instructions and manufactured Wood in Little Alchemy. If you successfully manufactured Wood using our instructions, please share this fantastic post with your Little Alchemy friends as well!


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