Isn’t it hard to live in the forest? First, players have to stay alive after they crash land in an unknown place. It is hard enough when they do not have to find shelter, water, and food. Here, there are a lot of cannibals and mutants hiding in the forest and caves. They want to kidnap and kill the player when he comes out of the woods and caves.

After a few hours, almost everything in the forest gets bigger and bigger. The cannibals get smarter, deadlier, and more frightened as the Forest players spend more time with them. Now, they might not be aware of how the game has changed. Players need to go to a few places in the first few hours of the fun to get resources.

Understanding More About the Forest Map

In the first place you wake up, it is dark and gloomy. The first time the game puts you in an isolated area is when you wake up here. The island of The Forest has a lot of caves, and some are hidden. These are all the caves in the forest cave map.

As the player tries to stay alive in the forest, one of the main goals is to kill or avoid these enemies. Therefore, the player should make sure they are well-stocked and armed at the start of the game. It can be a lot of work if the player doesn’t know what they’re doing. Lucky for the player, there are a lot of places where they can stock up and get a head start on their enemies at the start of the game. It shows where to go first on the forest cave map.

Places to Go First in The Forest Map

As the game progresses, more and more dangerous enemies will show up to try to attack the player. It is something that many new players may not know about The Forest. Therefore, the player should get as many supplies as possible from the surface level during the first week of play.

Below mentioned are some places where you can go first.

The Area Around the Plane Crash

It is one of the most resource-rich places in the game. There will be a lot of luggage all over the ground right after the plane crash. Suitcases will help to get alcohol, snacks, and other essential things. Early in the game, snacks and soda will be necessary for the players to get their hands on. Why? Since they will keep them from starving as they work to set up more stable ways of getting food and water.

The main village

 It is the area in the forest cave map where you can find the cannibal villagers whole exploring the surface level of the world. Cannibals usually build these camps, and they have a lot of different things in them. If you go to play, you’ll find the cannibals’ “main village” in the southeast corner of the map. You’ll discover suitcases full of things like clothes, snacks, and duct tape in this part of the game. There are also other great things to see as well. It’s hard to find the rope, fuel cans, dynamite, and flares anywhere else on the surface. You can get many things here, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for enemies.

The Yacht

It is an excellent place on the forest cave map. To finish the game’s story, players will need to check out the yacht later on in the game. Exploring the yacht in the early stages will give the player a lot of valuable items and resources. In addition, you can use the cassette player to learn more about the things around you.

Cave 2

If the player is good at fighting, they may have to go into Cave 2 even though they don’t want to. You’re going to get into this cave, and you can find its main entrance in the middle of the main village. In case the player dies on the surface, they will also be kidnapped and taken to this cave. In this cave, there are bodies of dead passengers and suitcases all over the place. It means that players will be able to find many different things.

Cave 1

This cave is called “Dead Cave,” and it’s a dangerous place for the player to go early in the game. Unless you have a lot of weapons, you should not go into the cave. However, there is a small area that the player can go into that has few enemies and gives them access to one of the best weapons in the forest. The main entrance to this cave is southeast of the vast sinkhole. Once they enter, they can go left to avoid enemies and end up in a room with a few dead bodies. In this area, the player will find many great resources and medicine. The Katana is also there.

Cave 5

It’s a good idea to go to Cave 5 early in the game, Submerged Cave. There is a lot of water in this cave, but the player will be able to get the rebreather. Players will want to get this item before going into some other caves. There aren’t many enemies in this area, so the player won’t worry about being well-armed.


Players should start hunting as soon as possible. It will give them essential resources to save their lives and make equipment in the forest. For example, fishing and hunting animals will help players get meat and hide.


We hope this information will help you find your way around. Thank you for reading our guide to the forest cave map. We hope you found it useful.

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