As we all know, Grenade is one of the most well-known tools in CS: GO. It has been almost 20 years or above that Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 map has been there. The game includes a variety of utilities, each of which performs a unique function. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the best grenade spots dust 2 in order to win the game like a champion!

So, what is Dust 2? Well, it is a well-known CS: GO map consisting with the centre doors that function as observation spots. Some players make a costly mistake by meandering aimlessly over the map. Consequently, they do not make use of their usefulness throughout the competition, resulting in a loss in the vast majority of cases.

To conceal the vision of snipers stationed in the map’s corners, for example, a smoke grenade (which we have already described in our Smoke Spots Dust 2 Guide) may be used. The employment of flash grenades to temporarily blind your attackers before entering through a door is another option. So, now let just drive straight to topic and know about some of the best grenade spots dust 2.


The Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 – A Guide

To begin, let’s take a look at the best grenade sites in Dust 2’s A Site. This category includes a range of pop flashes, incendiary/molotov grenades, and high explosive grenades that may be used by terrorists and counter-terrorists alike.

1. A Flash of A Long Door

On our list, the first best grenade spots dust 2 comes the pop flash grenade. This is a great option for gaining admission via A-long doors. CTs are capable of pushing up A long and maintaining an aggressive angle. Utilizing this pop flash will aid you in entering securely and may possibly assist you kill one or two.


2. From Above The Skylight

This is the most safe and secure location in the whole game. We primarily utilize it for covert purposes. It has proven to be an excellent location for deceiving your adversaries. Players attempt to throw a flash while sprinting, but it is ineffective. Avoid throwing the flashbangs through the skylight in this situation. If you throw them towards the central one, they will fall straight down and strike every adversary. Additionally, it conceals you from your adversaries. In simple terms, this location may assist you in obtaining protection from your adversaries and swiftly eliminating them.

 3. The Smoke from the Long Corner

Several experts suggest, Long Corner Smoke as the best choice in the game. If the player makes this choice, he will be forced to use the CT, which he can choose from a variety of places. These places are ideal for doubling the doors on the long side of the corner. If the player uses and gets the first frag, he must do the same. He can throw it when he has the best chance of getting the grenade with smoke. Also, he might be able to use it to find a place to hide. If it isn’t there, the CT will get a frag system and hide behind the corner’s wall.

4. The Crucifix

If you want to get rid of the cross, this grenade placement is ideal for you. Some gamers think that a single smoke grenade could make a good smokescreen. Cross on the other hand is a little big for this. But you can stand near the barrel and aim at the grenade, as in the figure below. During your run, throw the grenade. It will bounce over the cross and into the roof of the corner house. This is how it works: After that, your friend may try to close the gap by throwing more cigarette smoke your way.

5. Smoke from the Catwalk

It’s a good smoke bomb for people who play on the A site. If you don’t want anyone else to be able to get on the catwalk, this is a good place for you. Using this smoke on the catwalk is a great way to target opponents who are a long way away.

6. XBOX Cigarette

This is one of the best grenade spots dust 2. It’s impossible to overstate the significance of this location. As you down the Tramp towards the mid doors, you will see an iconic box near the catwalk. It offers direct access from T Ramp to A Spot, often known as XBOX Spot. To add this location to your map, you must first reach the first place outside Long Tunnels, approaching Top Mid. This position lets you align the crosshair with the arched shadow’s left side. Next, place the crosshair and hurl the smoke to your right.

The Bottom Line

As we all know, best grenade spots dust 2 is one of the most stunning levels in the game. There are several positions in the game, and we’ve addressed a few of them. We hope this helps. There are several different sorts of grenades in the game, each of which is designed for a certain occasion. For example, a molly can assist you with preventing players from crossing through a particular spot, whilst a flash can assist you in blinding them. Therefore, regardless of the location, ensure that you select the appropriate type of grenade for the circumstance.

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