UG Abroad: Why you should give doing UG in a foreign country a chance

If you bother to see the numbers, you would get to know that almost an overwhelming number of students try to study UGAbroad for their undergraduate or UG degrees. In India, like anywhere else, most students dream of studying abroad for their UG. But this is a big decision, which cannot be taken lightly. However, the absolute number of students who is applying for UG Abroad is increasing every year. These trends can be confirmed by the data in the 2016 Open Doors Report (International Educational Exchange).

The most popular destination for UG might be the United States for Indian students. It is said that one in every six students is from our country and a large majority of them are studying subjects like science, technology or engineering, or which are popularly known as the STEM fields. Apart from the US, countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are also popular choices.

In this article of EduQuest, we try to map out the advantages of UG Abroad studies and why we should take a chance with completing our education in another country.


India is known for its aggressively competitive environment in education. Thousands of students compete for the same spot and the pressure can get too much. Many students who opt to study UGAbroad often want to get rid of this environment. Entrance tests are a way to judge performance, but this is not the absolute metric to determine whether a student is worthy of being placed in an institution.

To escape the high ratio of the number of applicants to the number of seats many people try to get rid of the uncertainty of the entrance tests by pursuing UG courses abroad.

New experiences

If you are a person who has never left the country, doing so to complete your UG degree is a great decision because then you get to see the world. When you go abroad you will get to experience a new country and learn about their customs and activities, which may result in expanding your outlook on the world. If you go to another country, you will not be constrained to roam around in that country only, you can make use of this opportunity to visit the neighbouring countries also.

For example, if a student goes to study in France, he or she can take this chance to visit other countries like London, Barcelona and even Rome.

Styles of education

If you are stuck in one country only, you will get to experience the specific education style of that place only, but if you broaden your outlooks, you can get a chance to observe the different styles of education that are prevalent in other countries. This will give you a chance to see and study in a way that you may otherwise have never thought of. In this context, it is important to state that choosing the right school to go to, is a crucial factor in your UG Abroad plan.

In India, the style of education leans more towards the theoretical base. In comparison, the orientation of education is geared towards the practical side in foreign countries. The students who are well-versed in the theoretical aspects of the subjects of their choice, will not struggle in the different styles of education if they choose to do their UG studies abroad.

Live there!

One more reason to study your UG Abroad is that if you feel that your future lies outside the country you are currently residing in. If that is the case, going for a degree abroad might give you a chance to settle in that country. You can look for a job after completing your studies so that you can eventually get the country’s citizenship.

However, things aren’t that easy anymore. The time has changed and the governments of all countries prefer students to go back after they are done with their course. The best plan is to go over the immigration policies of a country.

Well-rounded development

If you go for the abroad studies in UG, it will result in the all-round development of your personality. You will learn to be independent and pick up great communication skills. Moreover, you will get to have many friends outside your own country. You will also learn to manage life within your budget and thrive in an unknown environment. When a student has to cope on their own, they will have to learn essential life skills and look after themselves. Studying UG Abroad will result in changing the way you think. In the coming years of globalization, it is crucial to develop a worldwide perspective and regard your own country with objectiveness.


This experience will make you ready for your future career too. The knowledge that you gain from doing UG Abroad will help you in adapting to new situations easily. Having a degree from a foreign university will make sure that you stand out in a crowd.

Thus it is better to choose UG abroad than in your own country for all these reasons given above. It is true that this is going to be a scary change but the benefits are well worth the risks.

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