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Medical decisions, especially when they come to contraceptives, aren’t always permanent. The decision to have your fallopian tubes tied was once a permanent one, but there are modern advancements that allow that procedure to get reversed.

This allows women to remove the chance of getting pregnant, then reverse that and open up their chances again. The procedure is called tubal reversal surgery. We’re going to take a look at tubal ligation reversal surgery today, giving you some insight into what the process entails and how much it costs.

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The Fundamentals of Tubal Reversal Surgery

The first thing to note is the type of fallopian surgery that you had in the first place. Certain procedures make it more difficult to reverse the ligation. The permanent procedures are salpingectomies, Essure, and Adiana sterilizations.

Further, it’s harder to reverse the procedure as the individual gets older. Women older than the age of 44 aren’t likely to get pregnant naturally if they have a reversal done. That isn’t to say that it’s not possible, though.

It’s just good to set healthy expectations in matters as serious as these. Those individuals might benefit from egg donors instead of ligation removals.

The Procedure

The procedure is, fortunately, a pretty simple one. A small incision is made into the bikini line, and the surgeons begin their work. The tubes are repaired and some surgeons take time to link each layer of the tube individually.

There are differing ideas on this. Some procedures connect the tubes in one stitch, but others believe doing so produces an unnatural connection. Different layers, such as the muscular layer of the fallopian tube, need to adhere properly to work.

That layer aids the movement of the egg meeting with the sperm. In any case, the fallopian tubes get reattached, and it takes a little over a week to heal. In some cases, it could take longer depending on how your body reacts to the procedure.

Costs of The Operation

The cost of the procedure depends on the facility that performs it so it’s important to shop around a little bit before you make a decision. You might find procedures available anywhere from $4,000 up to $10,000. There are different factors to consider throughout the process, so make sure not to opt for the cheapest options without looking into them thoroughly.

That said, there are almost always options for financing after tubal reversal surgery. Further, you might be able to qualify for free tubal reversal grants if you apply for them. Your financing and grant options always depend on your financial situation, your credit, and your medical history.

Want to Learn More About Tubal Reversal?

Hopefully, our look at tubal reversal surgery gave you a good idea of the process and what it entails. There’s more to learn, though. We’re here to help.

It never hurts to get all of the information you can before starting on a procedure like this. Explore our site for more ideas on how to afford the surgery, lifestyle tips, and much more.

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