CBD oil is a powerful substance used to treat a number of different ailments. Because scientific research is behind CBD’s advancement, it’s difficult to make bold and certain claims about the benefits of its use.

That said, individuals use CBD every day to treat a wide range of difficulties. We’re going to take a look at three of the main uses of CBD oil today, giving you some insight into what you might use it for.

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1. Inflammatory Issues

Inflammation is a primary cause of pain for a lot of people. Inflammation extends out into almost every area of the body. Everything from skin rashes to asthma falls under the umbrella of inflammation.

Most notably, inflammation causes a lot of pain in the joints. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a bodily system that works to manage the immune response.

CBD subdues the immune response in most cases, and effectively reduces the excess inflammation in the body. Depending on the CBD oil in use as well as the particular issue at hand, CBD might reduce a lot of the pain that an individual is feeling.

For example, a DMSO roll on might get used to treat muscle pain and show better results than oil that you would ingest.

2. Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety operate with a lot of the same neurotransmitters. In particular, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine are some of the main culprits.

Imbalances or deficits in these generally contribute to anxiety and depression. There are more factors at play, though. In the case of anxiety, a heightened nervous system leads the amygdala and to run rapidly.

CBD has a sedative effect on the nervous system as well. As a result, individuals find that their anxiety is reduced with the appropriate dosage of CBD oil. More research needs to get done on whether there’s a beneficial relationship between depression and CBD oil, though.

That said, one hand feeds the other when it comes to anxiety and depression. Chipping away at one of the issues could very well reduce symptoms of the other.

3. Aids in Cancer Treatment

While CBD oil can’t cure cancer, it can help mitigate the symptoms associated with cancer treatment.

Issues like nausea, vomiting, pain, and anxiety are all things that CBD has a knack for fixing. Those symptoms tend to be the most excruciating ones throughout the process of chemotherapy, for example.

Studies show that some individuals given CBD throughout cancer treatment report having less pain than those who weren’t given CBD products. Naturally, there are a lot of variables in that equation.

Some people might be more receptive to CBD than others. Some cancer patients might have a significant amount more pain than others in the study. The verdict is still out on how effective these products are in cancer treatments, but the prognosis looks good.

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