Narcissa is Bellatrix Lestrange’s sister. Draco Malfoy’s mother and Lucius Malfoy’s wife are Bellatrix. She doesn’t get much screen time by herself. Most of the time, she’s either a mother or a wife. However, we can still learn about her by watching how she plays these roles.

Most of the time, we see her as a calm woman who never really shows what she is feeling. She does a good job of keeping her face expressionless, which is kinda smart. Narcissa plays a strong, kind, smart, and even trustworthy character. She looks and acts very elegantly because of what she wears and how she moves. She doesn’t show how she feels very much. So, as Potter fans, we can never really tell whose side she is on. Can’t we?

Know About Narcissa Malfoy

As Lucius’s wife and Draco’s mother, Narcissa Malfoy plays a small but important role. Narcissa is a beautiful, fair-haired woman with a cold voice and a strong personality often fueled by love. The character is very different from Bellatrix, because she has dark hair and a bad temper. She hates the way her sister acts and only puts up with her for the family’s sake. Malfoy doesn’t have much screen time in the movies, it’s clear that it’s important to how the last book goes. Dying to find out more about Narcissa Malfoy? Here are some things you didn’t know about her.

Unknown Facts About Narcissa Malfoy

She Hates Her Daughter-In-Law.

Draco married Astoria Greengrass in the end, even though he had been in and out of relationships with other people during his younger years. Astoria was just the kind of person Draco needed to help him get his feet back on the ground. But Draco’s mother didn’t like the person who was thought to be in Slytherin. Astoria’s view on blood tolerance did not sit well with Narcissa. Even though she came from a pure-blooded family, Astoria did not share the same beliefs as the rest of the Malfoys.

She liked the best things in life.

Narcissa liked the nice things in life, just like her husband. The rest of the family was also a little bit like this. But Narcissa went one step farther. She was very happy with how well-known the Malfoys had become. Narcissa got a lot of pleasure from her big manor house, expensive clothes, and even her great seats at the Quidditch World Cup. On the other hand, Lucius got a lot of pleasure from showing off his wealth to other people.

Her hair showed where she belonged.

Throughout the movie, Narcissa’s hair changes in small ways. Even though the colours show that she is loyal to both the Malfoys and the Blacks, her hair gets wilder as the movies go on. It shows that she’s still unsure who she should be caring for since her hair is turning black, a sign of the Black family. She’s also ignoring what Lucius wants and going her way away from Lord Voldemort.

She is the aunt of Nymphadora Tonks.

Even those who have only seen the movies know that Narcissa is Bellatrix Lestrange’s sister. She is, however, the sister of Andromeda Tonks, who is the mother of Nymphadora Tonks, a major side character in the seventh book. But because Remus Lupin is a werewolf and Narcissa is a strong supporter of pure-blood wizards, she has disowned her cousin and looks down on her.

She was partly to blame for Sirius Black’s death.

Even though she grew up in an elite pure-blood family and later married into one, Narcissa was nicer to her house-elf, Kreacher, than Sirius was. Kreacher didn’t think twice about telling Narcissa about Sirius and his relationship with Harry. Narcissa then told Voldemort what Kreacher had said. Voldemort was able to show Harry a vision of Sirius being tortured with the help of Narcissa. It brought Harry to the Department of Mysteries, resulting in the Battle of the Order of the Phoenix.


House-elf Kreacher calls Narcissa a “Dark Witch,” which implies that she is good at the dark arts. The books tell us that Narcissa is more than just a good witch and a great duelist. She could hold her own against Harry and Ron, and she wasn’t afraid to stand up to her crazy, powerful and twisted sister, Bellatrix. She was probably also good at occulumens since she was the only one who couldn’t lie to Voldemort about Harry’s death without him finding out. Lastly, Narcissa was very good at the apparition, which is very hard magic that lets the person who casts it change locations instantly.

The article above tries to figure out what kind of person Narcissa Malfoy is by looking at what she did in the “Harry Potter” movies. It also portrays some unknown facts that you do not know about her. Now you know everything about the character. Comment below if you like the blog.

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