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40 percent of adults live with a gun in the home. There’s no wonder why. These past two years have shown unprecedented levels of civil unrest; anyone would want to use their 2nd amendment rights to defend themself. 

However, it’s important that the 2nd amendment exists so that responsible citizens can gain the benefits of owning a gun. If guns legally fall into the hands of the wrong people, they can be extremely dangerous. 

To make sure you’re not causing a problem, familiarize yourself with gun safety protocol. 

This article will walk you through the basics of handling a gun so that you don’t wind up injuring yourself or a loved one. 

Respect the Weapon

The safety catch is important; as is making sure you know how to disassemble your gun. However, at its core, gun safety comes down to adopting a philosophy wherein you respect guns and what they can do. 

Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot at. Unlike knives, which have many purposes, guns were meant for one thing — destruction. You can use their destructive powers for good, but at the end of the day, they’re designed to hurt and kill. 

You never know when your safety catch might not work. You can ensure that a gun is unloaded — but you can never be sure if a piece of debris got stuck in the gun, or if someone loaded it when you were never looking. If you avoid pointing your gun at people when you’re not trying to fire it, you can avoid accidents no matter what happens. 

The second amendment was made to protect good Americans. It wasn’t made so that people could joke around pretending to shoot themselves and others. 

Tend To the Weapon 

Owning a gun is much like owning a car — not just in the dangers involved, but also in the maintenance and upkeep. If your gun is not properly cleaned, serviced, and taken care of, it can be dangerous to operate. 

Make sure you know how to take apart and clean your weapon. It will take you a little bit of time to do, but it will ensure that you don’t have any misfires. 

Take your gun in for regular maintenance with a professional. Make sure that you get your gun serviced as soon as any problem arises. Shooting a faulty gun can easily lead to injury. 

Use the Best Parts

Any avid gun owner is going to want to make sure they’re using the best parts for their gun. Just like cars, guns can be improved with a myriad of aftermarket parts. 

However, you have to make sure you’re using the right brand and right parts for your gun. Check out this site we found for some of the best AR 15 hand grips out there. If you own an AR 15, you’re going to want great hand grips. 

Know Your Target and What Lies Beyond  

This is a tenet you should drill into your head, much like “respect your weapon”. If you’re hunting, make sure you confirm your target before you fire. Getting over-excited and firing at movement is a great way to shoot another hunter. 

Stop. Think. Then shoot. 

When you check your target, make sure you know what’s behind your target as well. Unlike what you see in movies and video games, bullets don’t stop after they hit their target, they keep going until their force runs out. 

This means that you can wind up shooting your buddy, even if you take perfect aim at that deer you’re hunting. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Keep Your Guns Hidden

Make sure that you and your spouse know where your guns are at all times. However, don’t go showing all of your neighbors and friends your gun. 

We’re not suggesting that your neighbors and friends will try to rob you. However, they can wind up talking about where you keep your gun, and a criminal can overhear this. You’re much less likely to defend your house if a criminal is able to get to your guns before you are. 

Make sure that your kids don’t know where your guns are as well. Kids are naturally curious, and no matter how dangerous you let them know that guns are, they may just think they can handle them.

Practice a Plan With Your Family 

If you’re concerned about a home invasion, it’s not enough to simply own a gun. Make sure your family knows what your plan is for a home invasion so that they can get out of harm’s way. 

Letting your family know where to go can keep them safe from your weapon as you handle the intruder. You don’t want anyone in your family to get in front of your weapon in the confusion. 

Keep Your Gun Unloaded 

Unless you’re defending yourself, out in the field hunting, or at the shooting range shooting, keep your gun unloaded. Once again, your safety can easily get flicked off, or simply not work. 

Travel to and from your shooting locations with your gun loaded, and load them once they’re there. This will help lower the embarrassingly high number of accidental gun injuries

Understand the Principles of Gun Safety 

The second amendment exists to protect good American citizens. However, if the citizens who own guns are responsible, people can wind up getting hurt. 

Make sure you understand the tenets of gun safety. Respect your weapon, keep your weapon clean and serviced, use the best accessory parts to your weapon, know your target, keep your guns hidden, develop a plan with your family, and keep your gun unloaded, and you’re far more likely to stay safe.  

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