Did you know that the estimated value of the global cannabidiol (CBD) market in 2022 is $6.36 billion? And come 2030, experts project its revenue to more than triple and rake in a staggering $22.05 billion.

One reason for CBD’s growth is the rise in anecdotal and clinical evidence about its benefits. Moreover, botanical manufacturers have made cannabidiol easier to ingest with CBD gummies.

So then, what exactly are the purported benefits of CBD gummies?

We’ll answer that question in this brief guide on CBD benefits, so keep reading.

May Help With Pain

Do a quick online search, and you’ll see that many tout the effectiveness of CBD gummies for pain. However, most are anecdotal reports from users, especially those afflicted with chronic pain.

Still, most people who use CBD do so, believing it has the potential to help with pain relief. In one study, nearly six in 10 who tried using a CBD product said it helped their pain. They also noted that its use has allowed them to take fewer pain medications.

May Help Promote Relaxation

Many people who use cannabidiol products, including gummies, take them as a way to relax.

For example, in one survey, the top reason for taking CBD was to help with self-perceived anxiety. More than four in 10 polled said this is why they take such products. More than a third also said they use CBD products to help them cope with stress.

All those findings indicate that cannabidiol may help people feel more relaxed.

May Help With Sleep Problems

Another touted benefit of taking CBD gummies is to aid with sleep problems. They may help promote better sleep by helping relieve stress and anxiety. After all, these two adversely affect sleep.

However, note that there isn’t a lot of research about how CBD can help with sleep disorders. Still, preliminary studies suggest that it may help with insomnia. It may also be helpful for people with excessive daytime sleepiness.

Potential Benefits Without Psychoactive Effects

Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the most well-known cannabinoids. Research suggests that both may be beneficial for pain, anxiety, and insomnia. However, unlike THC with psychoactive effects, CBD appears to have none.

As a result, people who want those benefits but not an altered state of mind may be better off trying CBD gummies. They may also find these edibles easier to ingest since they taste nice, whereas pure CBD oil can be bitter.

Moreover, CBD gummies already contain specific, pre-measured cannabidiol doses. Thus, you can eat CBD gummies as-is, but be careful to follow the product’s direction for use. Whereas if you take CBD oil, you still need to measure it.

Consider These Benefits of CBD Gummies

And there you have it, your brief guide on the potential benefits of CBD gummies. Now you know that they may help with pain, anxiety, stress, and sleep problems. You also learned that they don’t have psychoactive effects and can be easier to take than CBD oil.

If all that sounds like a good deal, then it’s time to consider talking to your doctor about taking them.

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