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Did you know that 25% of older adults in the United States suffer from a condition that impairs their mobility? 

Memory issues and joint problems can impact a senior’s ability to move around. This makes physical therapy essential.

If you want to take care of yourself or a loved one, you need to learn about the types of therapy. They will improve happiness and health. 

Continue reading to discover common types of therapy for seniors that ensure happiness! 

Geriatric Physical Therapy

One of the most common types of therapy for seniors is geriatric physical therapy.

This physical therapy is like physical therapy, however, they focus on the elderly population. Seniors should see a geriatric physical therapist so issues don’t get overlooked. 

These specialists can help treat people suffering from arthritis, cancer, and balance disorders. Another condition that could get better with this type of therapy is joint surgeries. 

There are many physical therapy programs for seniors to increase and restore mobility. They can also work to increase fitness levels. Most seniors report feeling less pain and discomfort when going through geriatric therapy. 

Emotional Therapy

Senior therapy isn’t always focused on physical abilities, some types focus on the mental state of a person.

Emotional therapy uses emotions to help people work through struggles and decision-making. A lot of older adults feel frustrated and angry because a simple task might be getting difficult.

Instead of letting these feelings consume them, a senior can get emotional therapy. This will help with the coping process and regulation.

When people feel like they aren’t heard or avoid negative emotions, they can build up. It is difficult to manage emotions if the negative ones take over. This can cause heart attacks, anxiety, and depression. 

This type of therapy will help seniors regulate their effects, find meaning, and build self-esteem. 

Art Therapy 

Did you know that there is a form of therapy that will help someone release their creativity?

Art therapy focuses on the mental health of an individual. Therapists use a variety of art materials to help people explore more about themselves. This type of therapy will let them explore their emotions and work through conflicts. 

It is a good idea to get seniors involved in art therapy because it can also improve fine and gross motor skills. The deliberate movements will enhance their ability to move and function smoothly. This is a great challenge for people with physical ailments and disabilities. 

Not only does art therapy help process emotions and work on movement skills, but it is also relaxing. Art therapy for seniors is an excellent solution to dealing with boredom, anxiety, and depression. 

Orthopedic Physical Therapy 

If you need physical therapy for seniors, that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic therapy is best.

Orthopedic physical therapy helps older adults with muscle injuries. They also help people recover from orthopedic surgeries that can take a toll on the body.

The goal of this type of therapy is to improve the functions of ligaments, bones, and muscles. The joints and tendons are other areas that orthopedic physical therapy will work on. 

Orthopedic therapy can improve a senior’s mobility, overall fitness, and pain levels. 

Neurological Physical Therapy

Therapy for physical and mental needs simultaneously, neurological therapy is a great choice. 

Neurological physical therapy is different from physical therapy. This is because it focuses on individuals with Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s disease. When someone has a brain injury or neurological condition, they should receive this treatment. 

Many people recommend memory care programs as a part of their neurological therapy. These programs help seniors with memory issues like dementia. 

A physical therapist will help people by adapting them to their impairments. They also help connect the mind and body. They assist with visual, mobility, and muscle loss issues with neurological therapy needs! 

CP Physical Therapy 

If you had a heart attack or cardiovascular or pulmonary condition, you should get CP therapy.

CP physical therapy uses exercise training methods and education to improve chest functions. The therapy can make daily life activities easier for people and improve breathing for individuals. The therapist will help give seniors the ability to increase their endurance and independence. 

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapy for seniors is good when someone has physical, cognitive, or sensory issues.

An occupational therapist will work with seniors to help them cope and manage their emotional needs. They also help improve social awareness and communication skills so that they can socialize with others. Seniors receive occupational therapy through a variety of activities and exercises. 

Whether someone is healthy, disabled, or ill, they can benefit from this type of therapy. Occupational therapists help develop, recover, and improve skills that people need to function. Fine and basic motor skills will be worked on during programs and seniors can improve their dexterity and strength. 

Have You Considered Therapy for Seniors?

Learning about the types of therapy for seniors can help you take better care of yourself or a loved one.

As adults age, their need for assistance increases because of ailments, disorders, and pain. With the help of these types of therapy, seniors can move around as they did years prior and process their emotions better. Seniors experience many changes and with help from professional therapists, they can be given the right tools to help cope.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when talking to therapists or group homes about the types of therapy that they offer and recommend. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about the different types of therapy and how you can be happy and healthy at any age!  

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