Have you heard of Rick Macci? He is one of the most well-known tennis coaches having a net worth of 2 US Dollars Million. Born in 1945 in the USA, the master has achieved the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) hall of fame. Additionally, this person is the youngest to have such enormous fame. In this blog, we will know more about Rick. Moreover, you will also know about some of if biggest acheivements, his current status and more.

Rick and His Training History

The professional has trained some of the best tennis players. Those players undoubtedly ranked at the No 1 position all across the globe. Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams were ranked number one. He is also the owner of Macci’s Tennis Academic, located in Florida. Rick was born to Norma and Santi Macci on December 7, 1954, in Greenville, Ohio. Also, hewent to Greenville Senior High School and then to Wright State University to get his education.

Besides, he was once the best player under 18 in Ohio, which is a big deal. In the end, he was the best player in New Jersey in the Adult category. After that, the American tennis coach opened a tennis school in Florida called the Macci Tennis Academy. At first, he only worked with two players. One of them was Jennifer Capriati, who had won three Grand Slams.

Furthermore, Macci worked with Richard Williams to teach Venus and Serena Williams how to play tennis. The Williams sisters have said that Macci was one of the most important people in their careers.

How does Rick Macci know Richard Williams and Venus and Serena?

Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO recently released the movie King Richard, which is about the lives of Richard, Venus, and Serena Williams. Rick is also shown for a short time in this biopic.

So, when he went to the movie’s premiere, all the flashbacks from his life came back to him. He talked about his relationship with the Williams family in an interview with Esquire.

Macci said, “From 1991 to 1994, it was really just me and Richard against the world.” “And he was my best friend, and Venus and Serena were like sisters and brothers to me. Additionally, they were just like my girls. Moreover, when you spend four to five hours with someone every day, six days a week, for four years, that’s a long time.”

Macci was indeed the youngest person to ever get into the USPTA Hall of Fame. He said that he should be in the Hall of Fame just for having to deal with Richard for four years, which I thought was funny. “No, he wasn’t my worst enemy. And I got what he meant,” Macci said.

The Rick Macci Tennis Academy

Meanwhile, in Haines City, Florida, in 1985, Macci opened the Rick Macci International Tennis Academy. Macci’s skills are talked about on his website: “His corrective methods and his uncanny ability to fix flaws and bad habits are rather a real gift. He has a unique skill and helps many people all over the world.” He still teaches tennis to people who want to become tennis stars. Additionally, the website also says that the tennis coach works with people of all ages seven days a week.

What is Rick Macci’s Net Income?

Macci told Esquire in an interview that he still works 50-hour weeks giving private lessons at his Boca Raton tennis school, The Rick Tennis Academy. It is also said that the famous tennis coach gets up every day at 3:30 am to coach tennis. Macy’s estimated net worth is only about $2 million, which is less than that of the Williams sisters and their father, Richard Williams. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Richard Williams is worth $10 million. Moreover, his daughters Serena and Venus are worth more. Moreover, Serena has made $250 million in her career, and Venus is worth $95 million. Besides, here is a chart that will help you understand more. After all the demand is growing day to day.

Net Worth in The YearAmount
2021$2 Million
2020$1.8 Million
2019$1.6 Million
2017$1.5 Million

Latest Updates About Macci

Lastly, the professional is well known worldwide and currently comes into the spotlight after the movie King Richard. It was released in November 2021. The movie focuses on the life of Rick Macci and his role in growing the Williams Sisters and achieving their victories. Moreover. it depicts the life of Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus Williams. In addition, the movie depicts how Richard wanted to raise his daughters, how he wanted them to become the stars, and his 84-page plan to help them get the victory. Not to mention, Macci plays an important role in the life of certain people.

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