Qiuzziz Kahoort and Google Forms


Quizizz is a game designed to cut down on worksheet-based homework. The game is interactive and allows students to see their results and learn from other students’ mistakes. There is also an option to replay the game and improve their score. The game has been described as an eduprotocol by Jon Corippo.


Qiuzziz and Kahoort are online quiz tools used in educational settings. Both offer features that make them effective substitutes for traditional paper quizzes and formative evaluations. These tools allow teachers to create custom questions and allow students to answer them in groups or individually. They can also help educators measure student learning through enhanced features such as videos and pictures.

Both Quizizz and Kahoot are suitable for use in the classroom or as extra credit. However, Quizizz is more limited in its uses than Kahoot, which is primarily for standardized tests. Both tools require a strong WiFi connection. Students can be distracted by background music, which can make it difficult for them to focus. The level of competition can also increase stress among participants. Students must also use a mobile device to play Kahoot, which is not possible with the former.

Qiuzziz offers more customization options than Kahoot, allowing teachers to customize feedback on student responses. Kahoot offers pre-designed quizzes that can be modified to make them more effective for learning. With Quizizz, students can review their answers immediately, instead of waiting for the teacher to grade them. When you assign a quiz, Kahoot allows you to add images, which can be useful for teaching.

Quizizz is great for recall questions and fact-based quizzes. Kahoot, on the other hand, is a powerful learning tool that motivates students through interactive gamification. It is accessible on a mobile device and has a user-friendly interface.

Learning technology has impacted the way education is delivered, and Qiuzziz and Kahoet are two of the leading examples. These tools are used on student devices and teachers’ laptops and can improve student engagement and motivation. They can also be used for formative assessment.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a great tool for conducting surveys and polls. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create forms and quizzes. Google Forms also makes it easy to collect data. The results of the survey are logged into Google spreadsheets, which can be used for further analysis. This online tool is free to use and allows you to create forms that you can embed, link, e-mail, or share.

To use Google Forms, all you need is a Google account. It offers both pre-designed and blank forms. Google Forms supports many types of questions and includes the ability to embed images and videos into your forms. You can even upload student work to your forms. This tool can help you create surveys and polls that will engage your students and gauge their knowledge.

Quizizz Super plan

The Quizizz Super plan is a great way to upgrade from the free Basic plan, and allows you to create unlimited quizzes and lessons. It also has advanced features like flexible assignment options. Teachers can provide full reports of their students’ performance, and students can see their own scores. Teachers can also add unlimited quizzes to their courses, or customize the reports they receive.

The Quizizz Super plan has many great features, including ad-free use, an unlimited number of quizzes, and access to interactive videos and game themes. The platform is very user-friendly, which means that you can create and use quizzes with ease. The free plan lets you create up to five quizzes, and the Super plan gives you unlimited access to its database of quizzes.

You can use Quizizz for homework assignments and live classes, or you can create a custom quiz for your class. The program also provides detailed insights about each student’s performance, allowing you to pinpoint any learning gaps and target specific lessons. The software also lets you add Quizizz quizzes to Google Classroom and other online learning environments. If you want to learn more about the software, you can access its help center and tutorial video to learn how to use it.

To set up a quiz with Quizizz, first log into the website. You’ll need an email account. You can use your school’s email address to sign up for the service. Once you’re signed in, you can create a quiz and assign it to pupils. You can even upload images and choose to set a maximum time limit for the quiz. You can reorder questions as needed, and you can also see the results of your students’ quizzes.

In addition to the basic plan, there are additional features that make the app even more useful. You can use Quizizz to review student quizzes with the use of video and images, or create your own quizzes. The software also has an alternative way to play Kahoot. One way is to use the Blind Kahoot Game, where you throw tricky questions to your students at the beginning. Then, use videos or images to help students learn the question by providing scaffolding.

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