Polartics is an African art gallery run by Oyinkansola Dada, who is also the founder of DADA Gallery. It opened its doors in 2015, and is a semi-digital space that aims to bridge the gap between African artists and the art market. Polartics is an independent gallery that works directly with African artists to bring their work to a wide variety of collectors.

Oyinkansola Dada is the founder of POLARTICS

Oyinkansola Dada is a Nigerian-born artist who has shifted to London in recent years. She studied law and politics at Kings College London. She graduated from this institution in 2017. Before starting her own gallery, she worked at the Art X art fair in Lagos, where she spotted a gap in the market and decided to create her own space to showcase emerging African artists.

Aside from her role as a cultural and political activist, Oyinkansola Dada is also an art curator and founder of POLARTICS. She believes that more women should be given an opportunity to express themselves without fear or discrimination. She says that African women must break down the boundaries that limit their careers.

Polartics is based in Lagos, but has pop-up spaces in London as well. Most recently, the gallery held a solo exhibition of paintings of life in a Catholic boarding school, St Agnes. This was a sell-out show, and the artist was well aware that it would sell out before she left. This indicates that a growing number of collectors are becoming aware of the work of artists of African descent.

He is also the founder of DADA Gallery

The founding principle of Polartics is to promote contemporary African art, fostering a pan-African approach. Polartics aims to break down the barriers between African artists and the art market in the West, and to provide a platform for young African artists to grow and develop. The company runs three pop exhibitions a year, and promotes the work of emerging artists.

Originally, Polartics began as a blog about African politics and culture, but it has since expanded into a gallery. The gallery’s first exhibition was “NIGERIAN POP CULTURE,” which showcased the works of emerging African artists. It also highlighted the evolution of Nigerian influences on the contemporary arts. The work of Nigerian artist Andikan was featured in the exhibition.

The gallery’s mission is to champion emerging Black artists and explore new ways to use art to speak truth to power. The DADA Gallery showcases African artists whose practice defies conventional boundaries, and introduces them to international audiences. The gallery’s selection includes contemporary Black artists exploring a range of subjects, including identity, the political situation, and global issues.

The founding principles of the Dada movement include a rejection of political and ideological boundaries. The artists in this movement often used the human form in a mechanical or manufactured way. This was influenced by the growing prosthetics industry and severely crippled veterans. Berlin artist Raoul Hausmann even fabricated a Dada icon from a wig maker’s dummy. The work is titled “Mechanical Head.”

He started polartics in 2015

The name Polartics comes from two words, “political” and “art”. The gallery aims to promote young African artists, and create connections within and outside the continent. It started as a blog about African culture, and focuses on contemporary art that speaks to the rapidly growing cities and blurred borders of the continent.

The gallery focuses on engaging the youth and millennial generation through art. It hosts online exhibitions and pop-up art galleries in Lagos. Its goal is to create a space free of all barriers, so artists can promote their work. It also encourages the next generation of collectors by providing affordable art.

It is a semi-digital gallery

The founder of Polartics, a semi-digital gallery, is a Nigerian who relocated to London seven years ago. He studied law and politics at Kings College London. After graduating in 2017, he started working at an art fair in Lagos and noticed a gap in the market. The aim of Polartics is to promote contemporary African art worldwide by creating a platform for new perspectives on western proprioception.

Polartics started out as a blog in 2015 focused on African politics and culture, but in 2017 re-grouped to create an online gallery. Its first exhibition featured a group of Nigerian emerging artists. The exhibition explored the influences of Nigeria and its diverse culture on the continent. Currently, the gallery offers a wide range of art and prints for sale. Prices start from PS150 for original works.

It represents emerging talent from Africa

Polartics is an online gallery that represents emerging talent from Africa. It started in 2015 as a blog for African culture and politics, but has since reformed to act as an online gallery showcasing contemporary works by African artists. Its latest exhibition, ‘NIGERIAN POP CULTURE,’ featured works by a number of young emerging artists, and aimed to demonstrate the changing influences of Nigeria in contemporary art. Polartics’ website is also an excellent source of information about the gallery, which sells original art for as little as PS150.

The gallery is based in London, but holds pop-up spaces in Lagos. One recent solo exhibition featured paintings depicting life at a Catholic boarding school called St Agnes by Canadian-Nigerian artist Ekene Emeka Maduka. The paintings range in price from PS3,000 to PS10,000.

Polartics represents emerging talent from Africa and the diaspora. The mission of the gallery is to champion and support young artists who are exploring a variety of themes. They also aim to amplify young voices and to create innovative immersive art experiences. In addition to these, the gallery focuses on rigorous contextualisation of young contemporary art.

The gallery is also showing 12 works by the pioneering African modernist Benedict Enwonwu. Enwonwu is a major figure in African art, whose work was once categorized as ‘traditional’.

It is a safe space for young artists of colour to exhibit

Polartics is an art space for young artists of colour to exhibit their work. Founded by Oyinkansola Dada, the gallery represents emerging Black artists. It sells original art as well as prints, and the website offers a virtual exhibition tour. Prices start from PS150 for an original piece.

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