Paperless Recorder & Magnetic Flow Meter: What to consider?

It could be that you have finally decided to invest in a Paperless Recorder or magnetic flow meter for your business. In such a case, you are to take into consideration several aspects, some of which are given below:

  • Quality: It is necessary to invest only in superior quality products to ensure that the equipment works perfectly and is able to deliver the desired results. Poor quality products will not live up to your expectations and is not likely to provide satisfactory results. Hence, identify products that the manufacturers have quality tested especially at different levels before launching them finally in the market for the end users to buy. Also, focus on those products that are offered with quality assurances.
  • Certification: Make sure that the brick & mortar store or online portal that you plan to make the purchase from has a valid certificate and is known to provide quality products. The certification rather stands as a proof of the store offering authentic and genuine products only to their customers. If buying instruments to enhance your production performance, the certification derived at the time of purchase is sure to guarantee of its proper functioning and durability. You may look up to reputed portals like to complete your purchase.
  • Performance: Check out the online reviews put up by other customers having purchased similar type of products. Find out what they have to say about the product. Go through detailed reviews and understand better the pros and cons of the product. This way, you can get to know if you can rely on the product or not. Do also remember to find other review sites to get an honest opinion about the different products, models and brands of Flow Meter available in the market.
  • Installation: To ensure proper functioning of the turbine meter, it is necessary to install it properly and correctly. It is important for the store of purchase to send across their certified professionals to install the equipment at the place where you intend to have it. They should be domain experts having adequate and in-depth knowledge and expertise of the installation process. Performing DIY tasks might only develop unwanted problems and chances of damaging the property, thus incurring heavy bills.
  • Maintenance & Repair: Gas flow meter maintenance and repair is an important factor to consider. But what will happen in case these devices fail to operate all of a sudden. How are they to be repaired so that they can work efficiently like before? You need to ask yourself several important questions like:
    • Will the manufacturer offer maintenance & repair services?
    • Will the after-sales services offered be free or chargeable?
    • How to avail such services immediately when required?
    • Who is the SPOC or where to contact and through which numbers?
    • Are there any warranty offered on the product?
    • What is the offered warranty period?
    • When does the warranty become void and what are not accounted for in the warranty?

Finally, you need to know the cost involved in buying and installing digital gas flowmeter at your place.


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