MCQs With Answers What Is An Example Of Hosted Email Infrastructure?

An illustration of hosted email infrastructure is .

Select the appropriate one from the list below:





Response: (4) SaaS

What is an example of hosted email infrastructure?


Cloud computing is currently the technology that is most useful. No longer in use is this style of server architecture. When it comes to server infrastructure, the expenditures of hardware, software, licences, and administration pile up quickly. On the other side, cloud computing services are more swift and less expensive. Many email services use the cloud to provide their users with cloud storage.

Numerous services are offered by the cloud.

Cloud services come in a wide range of varieties.

SaaS (software as a service) (SaaS)

as a platform for services (PaaS)

Service as a Service Infrastructure (IaaS)


A hosted email system is an illustration of SaaS.

IaaS examples include Amazon Web Services.


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