What do you think is the most irrigated crop in the United States? You might guess corn or soybeans, but it’s actually a grass.

Lawns cover an astonishing 2% of the country, and while that may not sound like a lot, it equates to an area of land larger than Greece.

However, not all lawns are created equal. Some are lush, green expanses, while others are brown and patchy turfs. To help get your yard looking its best this year, we’ve compiled this list of lawn maintenance tips for the spring. 

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Ready Your Mower

When early spring rolls around, you want to ensure that your mower is ready to power through the rest of the year. Spend an afternoon changing the oil and spark plug. You should also clean out any old clippings, and if you’re feeling up to it, sharpen your mower’s blade. 

Doing all of that can help your mower operate at its best, preventing problems from developing later on. 

Clean up Your Yard

Once your mower is ready to go, make a point to walk around your yard and tidy things up. Depending on what winter weather in your area brings, sticks, leaves, and branches may be scattered around. 

Picking these up will help your grass grow stronger and your yard looks nicer. 

Look for Bald Spots

Spend some time walking around your yard to look for bald spots. Look for areas where the grass is thinner or dead altogether. You can buy some new seeds to replant in those areas.

Water new seeds once a day for a week, waiting to mow the spots until the grass reaches at least two inches in length. 

Feed Your Grass

Your grass needs nutrition, especially after the dreariness of winter. Giving your grass lawn food can help it regrow healthier than ever before. 

Knowing which treatment your grass needs can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. To ensure you choose the right product, it might be worth investing in lawn maintenance services that specialize in landscaping

Edge and Mulch Your Beds

Soil is softer in early spring, making it the perfect time to edge your beds. Use a garden spade to cut two to three inches deep into the earth. Edging your beds makes it easy to know where to mow and makes your gardens and beds pop! 

Once the soil is warm, you can also use spring as a time to mulch your beds. Spread two to three inches of mulch around your beds, ensuring you don’t cover your plants. 

Spring Lawn Maintenance Made Easy

Spring is a time of growth and rebirth, making it the perfect time for lawn maintenance. Use the tips mentioned in this guide to help you get your lawn prepped for the year.

Remember that lawn maintenance companies can also help you out!

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