With all the different languages spoken around the world, it’s no surprise that bloggers are starting to experiment with more than one language. Kruelmi is a combination of Korean and Portuguese, and it looks like this blogger trend is taking social media by storm. If you’re interested in trying out this new blogging trend, read our review of Kruelmi to learn more about what it is and whether or not it’s right for you.

Kruelmi: What is it?

It’s an interesting way to add some spice to your conversation and it can be fun to see what other people come up with.

There are a few different ways to create Kruelmi sentences. You can use regular Korean words combined with English words, or you can use just English words. The most common way to create sentences is to use the English word followed by the Korean word.

Some people think that Kruelmi is a funny way to communicate, while others think it’s just strange and not worth using. Either way, it’s definitely generating some interest online and there may be more of this trend in the future.

Kruelmi Explained

Kruelmi is a new blog trend that’s taking social media by storm. is a type of blogging that revolves around making puns and jokes. It started as a way to make fun of other bloggers, but it’s quickly becoming a popular trend among social media users and even some mainstream bloggers.

Here’s how Kruelmi works: You start by writing a pun or joke, and then you post it to your blog or social media account. Then, you invite other bloggers to join in on the fun by posting their own jokes and puns. Eventually, the jokes get so funny that you can’t help but share them with your friends.

Kruelmi and Social Media

Kruelmi (or “krueling” in Dutch) is a new blog trend that’s taking social media by storm. The trend involves posting pictures of cruel or mean-spirited comments about little girls.

There are now thousands of posts featuring comments about little girls all over the internet. Some examples include posts that make fun of pregnant women, post pictures of children being bullied, and even posts that show adults making sexual jokes about young girls.

Many people believe that Kruelmi is a harmless trend, but child advocates disagree. These jokes can have a negative impact on the children who are the target of them, and they can also lead to increased bullying behavior in school environments.

There has been some backlash against the Kruelmi trend online, with some people calling for it to be discontinued or banned from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, so far the trend has only continued to grow in popularity online.

Kruelmi and Blogging

Kruelmi is a hybrid of the words “kruip” and “blogging,” and it refers to writing concise, everyday blog posts that are fun to read.

By writing succinctly bloggers can communicate ideas or information in an accessible way that keeps readers engaged. is perfect for anyone who wants to share their thoughts or ideas with a wider audience, without spending hours on crafting an article.


Kruelmi is a new blog trend that’s taking social media by storm. Kruelmi is a Finnish word that means “to vomit.” And if that description isn’t enough to turn you off, just know that most of the posts on are videos of people puking. Regardless of your opinion on Kruelmi, one thing is for sure: it has sparked lots of conversation online and is sure to continue doing so.

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