Work-life is part of everyday routine and it’s the basic human right to enjoy a healthy, free, and full of opportunities work environment. It is the employer’s,responsibility that they offer all these to the employees because at the end of the day a happy employee is beneficial for the employer and the organization. So keep up your tech game by using a monitoring app like the OgyMogy and make your employees happy and achieve the corporate goals.

The OgyMogy spy app offers many features that can help employers to monitor employee activities and provide a good healthy environment. Just try the taste of monitoring software and know that how efficiently and smartly the OgyMogy android spy app can be your secret business partner.

Call History

Keep an eye on the call history details of the employee and monitor the official gadgets with OgyMogy. You can know about all the incoming and outgoing call record details with complete timestamp information. So OgyMogy makes sure to notify about any suspicious caller or call record to the user.

Call Record

Incase of any suspicious caller,you can record the call immediately with the call recording feature of the OgyMogy android spy app. Track any suspicious employee and keep a strict eye on the call logbook of the target.

Browsing History

Make sure all the employees use the web service for work purposes only and no one wastes time on useless browsing or online shopping. With the track internet, browsing history feature of the OgyMogy user has access to all the websites visited by the target person. So make sure all the employees are busy with work in the official hours.

Calendar Activities

Sick of any employee who is habitual in skipping work etc. Don’t worry OgyMogy has features for all those employees. It provides access to all the appointments or schedule plans of the target person by giving access to the built-in calendar of the target device. So know about all the preplanned schedules with the OgyMogy spy app and make the employees punctual and regular.

GPS Location

Get a hold of the exact location ofthe employees and know about the whereabouts with the GPS location tracking feature of the OgyMogy android spy app.It allows the user to even mark a virtual safe and restricted zone for the target on google map.All the movement around the marked zone will be reported back to the user immediately.

Unlock Photos

Make sure the official gadgets provided to the employees are not used for the personal purpose with the OgyMogy spy app.OgyMogy allows the user to unlock the photo folder of the target device.So know about the captured image and make sure no employee uses the official gadget for personal purposes.

Check The Bookmarked Folder

Keep an eye on the frequently visited sites by the employees with access to the bookmarked folder.Make sure the web activities are solely based on the work-related content and not to fulfill the entertainment purpose.

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the OgyMogy spy app allows the user to watch the screen of the target person in real-time. So track individual progress rate by making surprise visits and know about the screen activitieswith the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy.It records the screen activities with timestamp information in the form of short video recordings and snapshots.

Website Filtering

OgyMogy gives the power to employers to block certain sites during office hours by providing the web filtering feature. Block all the useless entertainment site that can act as a source of diversion for the employees and help them improve their productivity level.


Keep an eye on all the keystrokes applied on the target gadget with the keylogger feature of the OgyMogy spy app.User can check the email correspondence with complete remote access to the inbox, sent item andattachment history detail, etc. So spy on any suspicious spies and take timely action to avoid possible damage.

OgyMogy spy app offers separate Mac and Windows spy app version to monitor the laptop or tablet activities of the employees. For official smartphone monitoring, try the android OgyMogy version and keep an eye on the digital activities of the employees.

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