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Viendoo is a social media platform that allows businesses to connect with customers and versa. It the brainchild of Katie Sakov, who started the company in 2014 with the mission to make customer service more efficient and effective. Sakov is no stranger to startups; she’s been involved in several tech ventures since the early 2000s. But Viendoo is her first solo project, and it’s quickly become a success story.

Katie Sakov: The Female Founder Of Viendoo

Katie Sakov is the female founder of Viendoo, a social media platform designed to connect businesses with customers.

Sakov’s experience in marketing and sales led her to found Viendoo, which she believes will help businesses better understand their customers’ needs and wants.

The Viendoo platform allows businesses to create customer profiles, interact with customers directly, katie sakov and track customer engagement.

What is Viendoo?

The website allows users to connect with other entrepreneurs, get advice and tips, and find resources. Viendoo also has a blog and podcast, which feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

How did Katie Sakov create Viendoo?

She created Viendoo after she saw a need for a better way to connect with her loved ones.

Katie was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. She has always been interested in technology and how it can be used to improve our lives. It was during her time working in the tech industry that she realized there was a need for a social media platform that was more private and personal than what was currently available.

The platform provides users with tools to share photos, videos, and updates with only the people they want to share them with. Viendo also offers features such as group chat and video calling, making it easy for users to stay connected with their loved ones.

Katie’s mission is to make Viendoo the best place for people to connect with their loved ones. She believes that by providing people with a more private and personal way to connect, Viendoo will help make our world a better place.

What are the features of Viendoo?

Viendoo is a cloud-based video interviewing platform that helps businesses save time and money while streamlining the recruitment process. The platform enables recruiters to conduct one-way or two-way video interviews with candidates from anywhere in the world katie sakov, at any time. Viendoo also offers a number of features to help businesses make the most of their video interviews, including:

– A library of customizable interview questions

– The ability to share interview recordings with other members of the hiring team

– Real-time transcription and translation of interviews

How has Viendoo helped people?

It also allows users to share photos and videos katie sakov and create events. The platform has helped people meet new friends, stay connected and find new opportunities.

What are Katie Sakov’s future plans for Viendoo?

However, she has some exciting plans for the future of Viendoo that she is excited to share with her users.

This will allow users to better keep track of their work and deadlines, as well as collaborate with others on projects.

Looking further down the line, Katie has even bigger plans for Viendo. She would like to eventually turn it into a full-fledged project management tool that businesses can use to manage their employees and workflows.


Katie Sakov is the founder of Viendoo, a social media platform for businesses and entrepreneurs. As a female entrepreneur Katie has faced many challenges in her career. However, she has overcome these obstacles and has built a successful company. In this interview, Katie shares her story and offers advice to other female entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses.

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