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Sara Calixto is the definition of a rising star. The 26-year-old Minnesota native rocketed to success after modeling for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, but she has not stopped there. Calixto is using her success to fund missions for underprivileged girls in her home country and serve as a voice for women’s rights.

Every extraordinary dream is the product of a dreamer who never gave up on her desire. While following your dreams is not always simple, the process is frequently rewarding and enlightening. Sara Calixto is a young aspirant who succeeded by pursuing her passion.

Sara Calixto, a well-known model and social media influencer with over two million followers, was born in Colombia. She is also a successful businesswoman and ardent fashion fan. In a few months, she hopes to debut her lingerie line.

Sara has a passion to work in the fashion industry since an early age. She claims that while growing up, she frequently viewed modelling and fashion shows. She headed out in search of her dream with a strong heart.

The nicest part about pursuing your passion, in Sara’s perspective, is that you’ll never grow bored or easily demoralised by other people’s ideas. The fashion industry faces intense competition, just like any other sector, making it challenging to break into. Few people will initially believe you, and others will actively want to undermine you, says Sara. Sara began her career as a fashion student in New York, which sparked her ascent to prominence, through perseverance, hard work, and commitment. Later, she relocated to Italy to continue her fashion education.

Sara began posting on Instagram while she was in Italy, and quickly her account soared from 100,000 followers to almost one million. She was also contacted at this time by Suicide Girls and other companies, and she was becoming more active on the platform. Due to the overwhelming response, Sara kept developing her brand and engaging with her fans. She now interacts with her audience while streaming on Twitch by playing video games or conversing.

Sara claims that the overwhelming nature of following your passion is something that most people fail to mention. Sara claims she has faced numerous difficulties along the way, but that has never stopped her from pursuing her love. Sara has always had creative and daring ideas. Sara manages to use obstacles as stepping stones when they are present. According to her, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail; what matters most is the determination to try again after failing.

Young individuals and aspiring models should never give up on their aspirations and learn patience, is her advise to them. She insists that those who use social media platforms avoid focusing on offensive remarks. She claims that some people will constantly try to undermine you. The greatest strategy for handling bullies on social media is to ignore them.

Sara is proud of her enormous success and her guts and daring in following her ambition as she looks back on how far she has gone. Her journey is far from complete, especially with her new lingerie line on the horizon.

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