The doctor is one of the most prestigious career options. Many of us dream of becoming one. Though not all of us get into it. To become a doctor we need to pass the NEET exam. Qualifying NEET Exam at the first attempt is not so easy. NEET aspirants usually either go to a coaching center or choose the online coaching for exam preparation. No matter which platform one chooses to prepare for the exam there are some common mistakes that we all make. Undervaluing self-study is still one of the most undervalued steps that people miss out on due to time issues.

In this article, we have listed the most common reasons for mistakes that come in your way of becoming a doctor. By working on these mistakes one can improve his or her chance of cracking the NEET exam. So, let’s get started:

Not sticking to the basic:

No matter how many books or study material is available. Neet aspirants should always pick NCERT first and then refer to other resources. NCERT and reference material should go hand in hand. The most common mistake done by NEET aspirants is to leave or neglect NCERT books. One should go to other books only after reading NCERT thoroughly. Reference book should be used as a secondary source and not as a primary. 

Solving Mock tests blindly:

Solving mock tests should only be done after completing the preparation. Many students think that solving test papers is much more beneficial than studying books and clearing the concepts. Though the truth is one should prepare first and only when one is confident about his/her preparation starts solving mock test papers. Solving mock papers/test series blindly is only going to increase the difficulty level. As and when the preparation reaches a certain level only after that one should solve the test paper.

Referring to a number of books at the same time:

There are thousands of books available on NEET preparation. But one should know which one to pick. Referring to too many books or jumping from one book to another causes a lot of confusion. Many of the students refer to different books for the same topic. To avoid such confusion one should refer to only NCERT books. Rather than looking at various books one should stick to one book and make notes out of it. These self-made notes will work as your repairing vision guide. Only after completing one book should we take another book.

Learning answers:

Mugging up answers can never be the right way to prepare for the NEET examination. Learning biological answers can be fruitful but any other subject is just going to worse things to a larger extent. Physics and chemistry can never be learned. One has to understand the concept to be able to solve 2uestions in the exam. One should work on understanding the concept and approach required to solve the question. The best way to prepare it is by knowing what are the stronger points and what are the weak points. Solving mock tests can help a lot in knowing these things.

Making no room for self-pressure:

We give all the time in preparation. As a result, our mind becomes so tired and is unable to understand or learn new concepts. Sitting at the same place and learning will only cause a lot of stress. The best way to manage stress is by taking some time out. Investing a good portion of time in the things you love. Meditating for some time can improve your concentration power.  

One should refer only to NCERT books to prepare for NEET exam. These books set the foundation as they carry the core syllabus of the NEET syllabus. Apart from referring to the right books, studying in the right manner is also important to be able to crack the exam. Revision is the ultimate step that brings you closer to qualifying for the exam. But because of time issues, many students miss this step.

Making notes and revising them the last time can take you a long way in the exam.

Candidates who choose to prepare with NEET online coaching have plenty of time since they are preparing from the comfort of their home. But students who are going to coaching classes or preparing with their boards usually have a crunch of time. School and coaching centers can only prepare to a certain level. No coaching institute or school can promise you your admission into the medical colleges. Preparing for the 12th board and NEET simultaneously is difficult but it is possible.

In such cases, one should prepare dynamic time-tables. Preparing 2 time tables that focus on each exam is important. We highly advise candidates to stick to these two time-tables very strictly. Since there is not much difference in the syllabus, finding a balance will not be an issue. Since there is negative marking in the NEEt exam one should take calculated risks.

Last but not least is not losing confidence. It is important to have self-confidence because after all, it’s just an exam. We should treat this exam as a part of life, not the whole life. Many of the students anticipate the future of failing the exam which is followed by nervousness, increased tension, and anxiety. The only thing that can make a difference in the whole course of an exam is the attitude one has. The best way to boost self-confidence is by referring to as many question papers as possible. Solving question papers will not only give an insight into different types of questions the exam will have but also how much time do each of those questions require. What are the areas we can solve in less time which require more time? This way we will also have room for revision.

By following these small basic steps we can improve our NEET exam.  We hope you find this blog useful while preparing for NEET examination.

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