Smoking marijuana has become a popular pastime, with over 150 million regular cannabis users worldwide. Though not all joints are pre-rolled, so it’s a good idea to learn how to roll your own. 

If you’re new to smoking marijuana or unsure of how to roll a joint, then this guide will point you in the right direction.

Firstly gather what you need:

  • Choose from your preferred marijuana strains
  • Rolling papers and rolling tray
  • Filter, or thick card to construct one
  • Grinder

Once you have everything to get started, follow these steps to learn how to roll a joint.

1. Grind Up the Marijuana

Before rolling your cannabis joint, place the weed into your grinder to break it up into evenly sized particles. The smaller they are, the better your joint will smoke. Using a grinder prevents the trichomes (small hairs) from sticking to your hands, making it much harder to roll your joint.

2. Preparing the Filter

When you’ve achieved an even consistency, it’s time to make the filter. If you don’t have any joint filters they’re easy to make. Take a small piece of relatively strong card and cut it into a strip. Folding one end in a zig-zag pattern, roll the strip to the desired thickness of your joint.

Some people choose not to use a filter at all, though there’s a higher chance of the contents falling out.

3. Load up Your Joint

Take the rolling paper of your choosing, ensuring the glue side is facing you, and lay it on a flat surface. When adding the cannabis, the more you put in the harder it is to roll, so distribute evenly leaving space at one end to add the filter.

Hemp paper tends to work best for rolling joints, as it’s thin and malleable which makes it easier to roll and provides a smoother smoke.

4. Forming the Joint

When you’re ready, pick up the joint and place the filter into one end. Using your index finger and thumb begin a gentle rolling motion, moving into the middle and back again. The idea is to compact the weed into more of a cylindrical shape. 

Once the shape is formed, the unglued edge needs to tuck under the rolled cannabis. You can achieve this by gently rolling the paper using your thumbs. Continue to roll the joint until you meet the glued side, making sure not to loosen the paper or else it’ll burn too quickly.

5. Finishing Touches

The most effective way to seal your joint is to twist the end. Twisting it prevents anything from falling out and makes it easier to store.

If you find the contents of the joint too loose, use a pen to pack the cannabis down which allows for an even burn.

Think You Know How to Roll a Joint?

Now you know the more conventional ways on how to roll a joint, there are loads of creative rolling methods to try when you feel confident enough. For now, relax and enjoy your joint either by yourself or shared with friends.

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