In order to keep its platform safe from inappropriate ads, Facebook periodically reviews the Facebook advertising content and in the same step can even disable accounts of those who do not follow the ‘Advertising Policies’ of Facebook as well as have negative feedback percentages.

Over the past few months, an increase in the cases of ‘disabled Facebook ad accounts without warning’ due to repeated ad violations has been witnessed a lot. Thus, if you’re also from those who have received this particular message “Your ad account has been flagged due to unusual activity and thus, for security reasons any ads you are running will be paused” because your ad account has been recently suspended by Facebook then, simply buckle yourself up and appeal back to Facebook using the below-mentioned options against Facebook’s decision to get your ads running again.

Let’s get started.

Option 1: Review Facebook Advertising Policies

As there can be a variety of reasons behind why Facebook has locked an ad account, so it is recommended that you should review the advertising policies of Facebook as well as its ‘Terms of Use,’ quite thoroughly. Doing so will help you in ensuring Facebook ads support so that they can comply with Facebook’s advertising policies as well as you to avoid any kind of violation such as:

  • Avoid writing more than 20% text in ads.
  • Avoid typing Facebook without a capital ‘F.’
  • Do not avoid matching your posted ad to the landing page.
  • Never access your ad account via a proxy IP and,
  • Last but not least, avoid using words that imply gambling/ betting.

Option 2: Get Help from Facebook Business Help Page

  • Open your favorite browser and visit this link “”
  • On the Facebook business help page, you’ll get the following three ways to receive help in order to reactivate your disabled ad Facebook account—
  • Way 1: If you have followed all Facebook advertising policies and think that your ad account was disabled by mistake then, click on ‘Let Us Know’ hyperlink.
    • Way 2: If you were notified that your ad Facebook account was flagged for unusual activity but you believe that your account was flagged for unnecessary reasons then, contact Facebook to appeal against the same by clicking on the ‘Form’ hyperlink.
    • Way 3: If you want you can even click on ‘Ads Manager’ hyperlink to visit the same and then, follow the given instructions which are there in the red-box at the top of Facebook business page.
  • Otherwise, you can directly visit Facebook ads account suspended or disabled appeal form link “” to submit your appeal to Facebook to reactivate your disabled ad account.

Option 3: Set Up a New Facebook Ad Account:

Look at this as your last option. Thus, if none of above-mentioned options work well in your favor, then what best you can do is set up a new ad account for yourself using the following process:

  • In order to set up a new ad account, go to Facebook’s ‘Business Settings.’
  • Under the business settings, you need to click on the option of ‘Account’ on the first basis.
  • Then, in continuation, click on the ‘Ad Accounts’ option and further, click on the ‘+Add’ option as well.
  • After doing so, you’ll get the following three options in front of you and you have to choose one from the them—
  • Add ad account
  • Request access to an ad account
  • Create a new ad account
  • Now, as per your choice of option, move forward to enter the ‘Ad account ID’ (you’ll find the same from the filter bar of your Ads Manager) in the required text field.
  • In the end, just follow the on-screen prompts to select people and to access levels.

That’s all! This is all about how you can enable your disabled Facebook ad account and save your ad account from being disabled again, as well as how you can create a new ad account in case nothing works.

This way, you can recover your disabled ad account from Facebook, simply visit the official facebook link and trobleshoot disabled Facebook ad accont.

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