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An online multiplayer game for players from all over the world is called Pubg Mobile. This game is playable on computers, IOS, and Android smartphones. Depending on the player’s interests, the game offers a variety of modes. In addition to modes like arcade matches that take between 8 and 10 minutes to finish, there are modes that take roughly 30 minutes to complete. More events are added by the game’s developers during updates in an effort to draw in more players. Both free and paid things are available in Pubg. We must Unknown cash or UC in order to obtain paid stuff. It is available to buy on the Midasbuy website.


On the website Midasbuy, customers may instantly add UC (Unknown Cash) to their accounts without having to go through any sort of redemption procedure like using Google Play redeem coupons. This website is accessible in every nation on the planet. In some nations, customers can redeem items from the website’s redeeming section for outfits and skins. However, this varies from nation to nation in accordance with midasbuy’s policies. Users must have their character id, which consists of 10 numbers, on hand in order to make UC purchases.

Features of Midasbuy include:

Compared to in-game purchases made through the Playstore or Appstore, which have regional variations, Midasbuy offers UC at the lowest price. For instance, if you select Brazil, the rate will be less than the rate for India.

  • Easy to use.
  • The official store for Unknown currency and stuff on PUBG Mobile.
  • with affordable UC.
  • Customer support is easily accessible.
  • There is the possibility to buy a Royal Pass (RP).
  • Character ID enables UC to be delivered immediately.

The best way to add UC to PubG Mobile

1. To get started, use this link to create an account on the MidasBuy website: Midasbuy

2. Next, copy your character ID from PUBG Mobile’s lobby.

3. There are numerous alternatives available when you access the website, such UC purchase, Royal Pass purchase, promotion, etc.

4. However, we must buy UC, therefore we select the Buy UC option.

5. We must now paste the Character ID we copied from the game into the box. Enter the character id in the appropriate field. akin to this

6. Select the UC amount you wish to add to your account.

7. After you click the “Pay” button, a question about your birthdate will appear. then inquire about payment options. You can choose from a variety of payment choices, including Razor Gold, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Pi Pins.

8. You can receive your UC directly to your account with a mailer to your ID after making a payment.

With the exception of India, where this approach is intended for consumers worldwide, BGMI (Battlegrounds of India). A PUBG Mobile version for India.

Although we can buy UC from the game directly, they only offer Less UC for the same price. Midas Buy, on the other hand, grants the players some more Uc.

The best way to buy Royal Pass in PUBG for mobile

As we offer fantastic dresses and skins for things in the royal pass on PUBG Mobile. Therefore, the majority of gamers in the game buy royal passes by using UC. There is a mission in the game that allows us to level up and gain up to 50 RP. The mythological attire is made available to us. Also There are numerous incentives available for RP levels 1 through 50, such crates coupons, gun skins, automobile skins, etc. You can buy a royal pass directly from the game if you have UC. But if someone’s account doesn’t have UC. He can buy royal passes straight from Midasbuy at the shop area.

We can also give our pal a royal pass from here. As you can see, if we buy a royal pass from here, we can receive up to 50 U.C. for free. As far as we are aware, PUBG Mobile offers two different types of royal passes: Elite and Elite Plus. They provide us 150 Extra UC if we purchase an Elite pass from this location. In the Elite Version, the player receives a frame and starts out with a 12 RP level. Additionally, the player has the chance to earn 50 RP by having a friend with the straightforward Elite pass pass.

When a player from a prohibited area seeks to use Midasbuy to buy UC while playing PUBG Mobile. Player must use a VPN and the Razor Gold website to make any UC purchases. Additionally secure is this website’s usage of Razor Gold coins for UC purchases. This is a reliable means of payment on the midasbuy website. We initially add Razer gold coins to our wallet on this website. After that, use a VPN to access the Midasbuy website as described before.

Watch out for scam websites.

Always take a legitimate, risk-free approach into account when buying UC. due to the prevalence of fraudulent websites. They assert that by using their free redemption technique, they can give you skins for cars and weaponry. Most frequently, they use Twitter or Facebook logins to access our accounts. When a user presses the redeem button, a notification stating that the user’s session has expired appears on the screen. Then a Facebook or Twitter login window displays, although in this instance the website’s URL is completely different. the user’s account credentials are entered in the login section.

The redemption process has been finished, but the administrator of the fraudulent website has obtained our user name and password. They eventually changed our password and got back our mobile number and email for the social account. Because we divulged our password and user ID, the PUBG Mobile support service is unable to assist us in this situation because the user’s account has been deleted. And after seven days, they deactivate and unlink our Social account before adding their own to the game. This does not only occur in PUBG; daily fraud of this nature also occurs in games like Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, COD, and others.

In order to add UC or buy any in-game products in PUBG Mobile, always use safe means.

Can we use midasbuy to contribute Unknown Cash (UC) to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

NO, as we are aware, we can use the midasbuy website to add UC to PUBG Mobile. However, due to the prohibition on PUBG Mobile in India, we are unable to use midasbuy to add Unknown Cash (UC) to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The only way to add Unknown Cash (UC) to Battlegrounds Mobile India is through the Google Play store.

Questions and Answers about Midasbuy PUBG Mobile

Are the BGMI UC pricing now more expensive?

Yes, the cost of UC has been upgraded in BGMI and is now less expensive than it was in PUBG Mobile.

Is there a different way to buy BGMI UC?

Yes, there are a lot of other ways to buy UC in BGMI, but using the Google Play store to make in-game purchases is the safest option.

Is BGMI available in Midasbuy?

Yes, as a result, players in BGMI are able to acquire UC using Midasbuy (in the future when BGMI is listed on the Midasbuy website). Players can now buy UC in the game via a variety of means thanks to the debut of the BGMI early access.

How can I obtain free UC in BGMI?

Yes, with Google Opinion Rewards we can legitimately obtain free UC. With this software, we may earn money by completing Google surveys. Additionally, we can use them to purchase UC from them or redeem them in the Google Play Store because they send money directly to the email address linked to the Google Play Store.

Can buddies in BGMI receive UC as gifts?

Unfortunately, no. However, we can give our friends clothes, scrap coupons, even a Royal Pass and an X-SUIT. Unfortunately, we cannot give our friends UC in BGMI.

How much does UC cost in BGMI?

The cost of 60UC is 75 INR (0.984 USD) for Android users and 89 INR (1.170 USD) for iOS users. The cost of 60 UC in Pubg Mobile is 78.14 INR.

What does 300 UC in PUBG cost?

For 300 UC, the price is $4.99 in USD and 371.17 in INR. The price is 380 INR in BGMI. In order to add UC or buy any in-game products in PUBG Mobile, always use safe means.

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