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Have pimples on your upper lip or lip line? Finding the right answer for how to get rid of pimples on lips? We understand how stressful pimples may be. Taking the scientific clarification, this skin condition is caused when pores get clogged. Excess oil on the face, bacteria, and blocked hair follicles can clog pores, causing irritation and pus-filled spots. Pimples on the lip are not suggestive of poor hygiene or cause for concern. Since with other body parts, people should not burst pimples on their lips as this may cause infection or scarring. People are currently talking about “love pimples” on social media, implying a link between a lip pimple and sexual desire. However, there is no medical link between love and a lip pimple. For example, a pimple is not a cold sore caused by the herpes simplex virus. 

This article discusses how to get rid of pimples on lips. Additionally, we offer guidance on avoiding them and when to visit a dermatologist—however, sufficient dermatologist-recommended methods for efficiently treating pimples on the lips. Let us investigate. 

How to get rid of pimples on lips?

Topical treatments:

The following are a few topical therapies that are frequently recommended for pimples. 

Anti-acne medications: Certain medicated lotions help your skin produce less sebum and may even contain antibiotics. One such medicine is benzoyl peroxide.

Salicylic acid-containing cleansers: Salicylic acid is a medicinal ingredient that aids in the removal of dead skin cells and germs from your pores. Numerous OTC medications include salicylic acid.

Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before leaving the house and prevent prolonged exposure to the sun. Sunlight emits dangerous UV rays that can cause your skin to dry out and produce more sebum, which results in pimples.


It is essential to moisturise your skin to avoid skin dryness or irritation regularly. Choose a non-comedogenic, non-greasy moisturiser.

Topical antibiotics prescribed by a physician can be used to minimise germs in your pores. Clindamycin is the most often prescribed antibiotics for acne or pimples on the skin.

Oral drugs:

If topical therapy is ineffective, your doctor may prescribe oral medications. Among these are the following: 

Oral retinoids: Oral retinoids are typically used for severe acne that has persisted for an extended period. If you have painful cysts, oozing, or scarring from pimples, your doctor may prescribe isotretinoin, which works on your skin’s oil glands. Oral retinoids are prescription medications that a physician should use only as directed.

Antibiotics: Oral antibiotics are occasionally recommended to treat bacterial skin infections. Erythromycin is a commonly prescribed oral antibiotic used to treat acne and inflammation, but it has been linked to gastrointestinal side effects.

Birth control pills: It is well established that a class of hormones known as androgens stimulates natural skin oil or sebum production. Increased androgen levels can thus result in excessive sebum production, which finally settles in the pores of your skin and clogs them.

While androgen is a male sex hormone, it is produced in small amounts by female bodies. Therefore, women with increased androgen levels are unwittingly predisposed to acne, referred to as hormonal acne. In this scenario, birth control pills can aid in inducing hormonal changes in the body that are beneficial for acne treatment. Read on to know more about how to get rid of pimples on lips.  

Changes in Lifestyle to Manage Lip Pimples 

You are wondering how to get rid of pimples on lips? First, start cleaning your skin with a mild face wash. Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying any face product.

Never go to bed wearing makeup. Instead, make certain to get cosmetic items that are free of harsh chemicals and “acnegenic.”

Regularly use sunscreen and prevent lengthy exposure to sunlight.

Consuming nutrient-dense meals rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components can aid in the reduction of lip pimples. Almonds, blueberries, and kidney beans are just a few items.

Intake a proper amount of water each day; this might work wonders for your skin. Water aids in eliminating impurities and cleanses the skin from the inside out.

Preventive Tips for Avoiding Lip Pimples

  • Avoid using strong fragranced skincare products: Avoid harsh chemicals in skincare products as they may irritate your skin even more.
  • Avoid using infected razors: Always shave your face with a new razor. Avoid sharing used razors.
  • Avoid popping pimples: While pimples might be annoying, popping them increases your risk of developing skin infections and acne scars.
  • Avoid waxing, shaving, and plucking the hair around the mouth: If you have lip pimples, refrain from waxing, shaving, or plucking the hair on your upper lip, as this will exacerbate the inflammation.
  • Avoid steroid creams: Steroid creams can aggravate acne and create irritation.

Manage your stress:

It is well established that worry and anxiety exacerbate acne. Maintain a regular yoga and meditation practice to alleviate stress.


Now you know how to get rid of pimples on lips, right? Lip pimples are both uncomfortable and annoying. However, they are curable and may be avoided by following a healthy skin care regimen. Use the solutions mentioned above to find the best fit for you.


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