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People long understood that marijuana could have medical usage, but most people preferred it for its THC. However, CBD either lacks THC altogether or has it in small doses. As such, you can’t experience a high from most CBD products.

In recent years, CBD has experienced a spike in popularity. People use CBD in several products, ranging from lotions to edibles. The reason this substance has grown so popular is its reported medicinal benefits. 

Many CBD users claim it can treat bodily pain. But, how can you buy the best CBD salve for sale? 

If you’re unsure how to buy the best CBD topical, you’re in luck! We’ll explain how to find topical CBD products for your needs.

Ask for Test Results for CBD Salve for Sale

When you shop for a CBD topical, always ask to see the product’s COA. This term stands for certificate of analysis.

The COA tells how a product performed on tests that measured CBD and THC levels. As such, it explains how much CBD is in a product and whether it can induce a euphoric high. It also shows if there were any contaminants present in the compound.

If the product doesn’t have this information, or the retailer refuses to divulge it, avoid them. Always take care as to what you use on your body. 

Keep State Laws in Mind

Currently, most states in the US allow people to use CBD. Some even go so far as to allow recreational THC usage in addition to CBD usage.

However, there are three states where it is illegal to use any cannabis products. These include CBD topicals. 

These three states are:

  • Idaho
  • South Dakota
  • Nebraska

If you live in these states, avoid CBD products. Otherwise, check that this product complies with your state laws. 

Avoid Products With Sweeping Health Claims

Strictly speaking, only prescription drugs can legally make health claims. This is because these products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their efficiency and safety. 

Where do you draw the line with health claims? Generally, it’s best to listen to users rather than retailers. You can decide whether several users vouching for a salve’s medicinal qualities is enough for you to trust it. 

However, retailers cannot make medical claims forbidden by the FDA. In fact, the agency has cracked down on several CBD sellers since 2015 for making unauthorized health claims.

Look For Products That List CBD Amounts

Some products like to say they have CBD because it’s trendy. However, if you examine the amount of CBD, it turns out to be a negligible dosage. 

When you examine a product, look specifically for its cannabidiol dosage. Products measure their CBD dosage in milligrams (mg). Generally, it’s best to start with smaller dosages and work your way up. 

Find the Best CBD Today!

You can find CBD salve for sale on several online seller sites. If you go this route, make sure to follow the tips in this article. Doing so can help you find the best CBD topicals available.

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