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There are several different kinds of vaporizers, and you might be surprised to know how much versatility some of them offer. The idea of dry herb vapes is floating around a lot right now, and people wonder if they’re a good alternative to other vaporizers. 

We’re going to take a look at different kinds of vaporizers in this article, giving you an idea of which vape pen or device might be best for your purposes. Hopefully, the information below will give you a better understanding of vapes and what they’re capable of. 

Let’s take get started. 

What Are Standard Vaporizers?

Most vaporizers come with a partner cartridge or product that allows a substance to be heated in and vaporized uniformly. That’s why you see Juuls with Juul cartridges or various vape packs that have small pieces that fit into their corresponding vapes. 

There tends to be a form of juice inside of the cartridge. That might be called e-liquid or vape juice as well. When the user draws air from the vape, the battery is activated to heat the coil. Through conduction, the heat from that coil heats the vape juice and causes it to vaporize. 

The result is a stream of vapor that the individual inhales and processes. These kinds of vapes are called “conduction vaporizers.” As the name suggests, they operate through the process of conduction. 

They tend to have a very specific set of products that work with them, limiting the user’s ability to explore the different herbs and substances that might be beneficial to them. 

What Are Dry Herb Vapes?

A dry herb vape can hold a small piece of raw organic material and vaporize it. This is very different from other vaporizers because it doesn’t need to have a perfectly shaped vape cartridge or pod that corresponds to it. 

The mechanism of action is a little bit different as well. What is dry herb vaporizer doing that’s different?

Dry herb vapes typically operate through the process of convection rather than conduction. Whereas conduction requires a heated material to touch the substance direction, convention heats the substance through the air. 

Any process of convection requires there to be a heating object, an environment of gas or liquid, and another object that’s to be heated. In this case, the air(gas) inside of the chamber is heated by the coil or battery outside of the chamber. 

This heats things to a specified temperature and vaporizes the substance inside. 

The Benefits of This Type of Vaporizer

The nice thing about dry herb vapes is that they produce a true flavor to the actual substance. When you use conduction, the heating material might burn or tarnish the substance so that the vapor is harsher and less pure. 

Standard vapes still produce a quality product, but there’s a good chance that the heating mechanism will reduce the potency of the chemical composition of the substance. 

Convection vaporizers heat the entire substance without making contact with it in any way. The result is that the substance heats up to a natural point where it produces vapor. 

The entire substance starts to release its flavor, packed with whatever chemical substances it holds. That means you’ll get a stronger effect and a flavor that’s more enjoyable than what you would find with a conduction vaporizer. 


Further, you can vaporize dry herb options of almost any kind. So long as the herb is small enough to fit into the chamber, you can technically vaporize it. Naturally, you don’t want to pick any herb from the pasture and put it into your vaporizer. 

Just because something can be vaporized doesn’t mean that it should be. Random herbs might be toxic or harmful to the user if inhaled when vaporized. 

That said, there’s a huge selection of medicinal herbs and substances that are beneficial when vaporized. Most conduction vapes don’t allow you to use anything other than the predetermined cartridge. So, dry herb vapes are good in the sense that you can explore all of the medicinal herbs that nature has to offer. 

Some people might vape cannabis, while others might try things like blue lotus or essential oils. The options are endless, and there’s a lot to learn about the potential medicinal benefits of vaping different oils and herbs. 


Another beautiful thing about dry herb vapes is that they tend to give you a lot of versatility. By that, we mean that you can adjust a number of the settings and invest in different parts of the vape. 

The ability to adjust the temperature gives you a massive measure of control in how you experience the herb. High temperatures will produce much deeper clouds and more intense throat hits. Lower temperatures will give you a soft experience on the inhale, but you might notice the flavors a little bit more. 

It’s important to have your settings situated in a way that agrees with you. If you plan to vape a lot, for example, an intense throat hit could start to give you secondary health issues. 

There’s also something to be said about vaping different herbs at different temperatures. Each respective herb might have its own vaporizing point, and going beyond that temperature could compromise the quality of the herb. 

You could ruin a lot of herbs and substances that way, reducing your ability to enjoy the process. You’ll also lose a lot of money that way, as you might go through the herbs a lot faster than you otherwise would. 

Want to Learn More About Dry Herb Vape Options?

Dry herb vapes are a great option for you if you want to explore different herbs and substances. You might find that different herbs produce medicinal benefits for you. There’s a lot more to learn, though, and we’re here to help. 

Explore our site for more ideas on dry herbs to use, how to use a dry herb vape pen, and much more.  

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