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On Android smartphones, a brand-new game called Google Snake is playable. To move the snake across the screen and consume as many dots as you can is the goal of the game. The snake grows longer the more dots it consumes from the Google Snake Dark Snake Gang. The original Snake game, which was well-liked on early mobile phones, is the inspiration for this game. But Google Snake now has a few more elements that increase the game’s difficulty and enjoyment factor. We’ll walk you through how to play Google Snake on your Android smartphone in this blog article. In the game Google Snake Dark Snake Gang, we’ll also provide you some pointers and strategies to help you become better.

What is Google Snake?

A brand-new game available for Android smartphones is called Google Snake. Playing as a snake in a maze while consuming as many pellets as you can is the aim of the game. The snake’s length will increase if it consumes a pellet. The game will terminate if the snake runs into a wall or hits itself. The original Snake game, first made popular on Nokia phones in the 1990s, has been upgraded and is now known as Google Snake.

How to Play Google Snake

Consider giving Google Snake a try if you’re searching for a new game to enjoy on your Android smartphone. Though it has a few unique twists, this new game is comparable to the well-known old snake game. Google Snake may be played as follows:

In order to advance in the game, you must consume as many dots as you can without running into any obstacles or your own tail. Swiping your finger in the desired direction gives you control over the snake. Your snake will become longer and harder to control as it consumes more dots.

Throughout the game, there are power-ups that may assist you, such as granting you an additional life or making your snake quicker. Google Snake Dark Snake Gang is a fun game, but be careful—some power-ups will make it more difficult to manage your snake.

While playing, you may also gather money, which you can use to buy things in the store. These consist of various cosmetic items and brand-new snake skins.

A delightful and captivating game, Google Snake will keep you occupied for many hours. Try it out right now!

Tips and Tricks for Google Snake

1. The new Google Snake game can be played on Android devices by downloading the Google app from the Play Store.

2. To start playing, open the app and tap on the “Snakes” icon.

3. The game will start automatically and you will be able to control the snake by swiping left, right, up or down on your screen.

4. Try to eat as many apples as possible and avoid running into walls or your own tail!

5. If you manage to reach a score of 1000 points, you will unlock a special achievement.

High Scores in Google Snake

In Google Snake, there are several methods to get high scores. Eating the pellets will let you maintain your snake as long as possible. Eating the unique green pellets that lengthen your snake and increase your point total is an additional method. To get high scores, you may also increase your multiplier by avoiding death and allowing your snake to avoid touching its own tail or the walls. Combining all of these strategies to go for maximum points is the greatest method to get high scores.


Look no farther than Google Snake if you’re searching for an entertaining and difficult game to play on your Android smartphone. With a few twists and turns that make it even more addictive, this new game is based on the traditional snake game that many of us grew up playing. Thus, why do you delay? See how long you can endure by giving it a go!

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