While we are stuck in the 2020 quarantine life, life tends to get a bit boring for many of us. Sure we have got the internet, Tiktok, and many social media sites but nothing has got the thrill attached to it or the humor. Probably that is why pranking videos and funny ways to answer the phone are still doing so well.

 So how about pranking someone through the phone. Could be a one-liner as an opening statement to shock your best friend or a reply to an annoying telemarketing company that keeps bothering you at ungodly hours of the day and night.

 15 Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

Finding fun ways to answer the call not only spices up the conversation, but it is a great way to warm up into a conversation with someone you like.

They don’t say laughter is the best medicine for nothing. And in this case, it is the best remedy against a serious case of boredom. So let us dive into the best funny ways to answer a phone call:

Act like an automated voice message:

If you are good at mimicry, here you have a good chance to show off your skills and act as the call went straight to your voicemail. To spice things up, change your voice and name and confuse them into thinking they called the wrong number.

 Act infuriated:

Want to stop someone mid-speech. Shout in an aggressive voice something along the lines of “Now what!?” or “Who the hell is this!?” If this is an acquaintance at the other end of the line they will surely need a minute or two to process. Enjoy their reaction.

 Domino’s pizza delivery service, how can I help you?

Don’t let the other person speak and as soon as you pick up act like a delivery service person and confuse them to have a good laugh.

 Start speaking in a foreign language

doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get back on your Duo lingo app. Just pick up some lines of the internet, make up an accent and voila! You can even make up words along the way. Just keep being as ridiculous as you can be till you hear them either hang up or break down laughing.

 Don’t let the telemarketers get ahead of you:

Probably this is one of the most fun way to answer the phone, As soon as the person at the end of the line introduces themselves and whom they work for (like they usually do) don’t let them get any further and start speaking in an excited voice “OMG!

I kept waiting for you to call!!! I was starting to think you ghosted me after our previous date.” When they start to clarify themselves, cut them midway again and keep making them uncomfortable until they give up.

 Go ahead caller no. 7, you are now on air:

Sure to make the caller conscious of where in the world did their call get directed to. On-air? To how many people? And how?

 He is dead… now, what???

Act as if you have just killed a man and the caller is your acquaintance in the whole scenario. If they end up not replying, yell into the phone saying “For heaven’s sake don’t bail out on me now! I did it for you (insert their name). I know how much you hated (insert name).

To take it up a level, end the call without giving them a chance to reply saying “The hell!! Who called the police!?? Shit…” now wait and watch the downpour of messages on your phone. Serves them right for calling instead of texting.

 Automated voice: “Please hold”:

Pick up the call and speak in an automated voice, “Please hold. The number you have dialed will speak to you shortly” and then start singing in the worst voice you have got. Sure to make the person at the other end burst out laughing


Is someone you don’t want to talk to calling you? Want to have enough of it! Is it probably your persistent ex? Who knows? But damaging their eardrums by squeaking as loudly as possible into the phone might be a fun way to go. Fun for you, definitely not them.

 Hello from the other side:

Display your talent or do the opposite. Do whatever you want as long as you sing the verse from Adele’s song as a response to “Hello”. Spice it up by changing the lyrics to your liking. For example, your friend is calling you to tell you she broke up again with the same guy for the fifth time.

Friend: Hello
You: Hello from the other side…
Friend: … It is serious…
You: You already broke up a million times… (Keep the rhythm going as you go along. It’s sure to lift their mood)

 City cremation, you kill ’em, we grill ’em, how may I help you?

Let us just hope the person calling isn’t really about to tell you about someone who has passed away, or else this might be the last call you ever get from them.


This kind of answer should only be designated for those you know very well and might share the same kind of humor you do or else things can get pretty awkward. As soon as they pick up, burp, as loudly as possible.

On the other hand, avoid burping as a response if it is your to-be father-in-law on the phone. Pretty sure he won’t find the humor in it.


Honestly, it is always the simple things. Start by laughing without having said a word, normal human laugh, now switch, make it crazier, and switch up the notes, the pitch, and the range.

There are so many ways to go about it. You can even start by laughing like a villain in a cartoon movie laughing over the evil plans. There is nothing as good as the classical evil laugh, right?

 The number you have dialed….:

Want to be directly indirect? Sounds twisted right? It is, but it is fun. Fought with your sister and she calls you asking you to make something for her or grab something for her? This is your shot!

Sister: Can you fetch me my raincoat?
You: The number you have dialed will no longer entertain the idea of sibling slavery you have been enjoying advantages of since your sister was born. From now on, charges will apply for each task with the additional charges of tax and the condition of saying “please”.

 Who are you and how do you know (insert your name)?

Act as if you are kidnapped. Change your voice. Surely the person on the other end will answer. Continue the dialogue like so:

You: We have got your brother; if you want to see him alive do exactly what I want you to do.
Them: (Will probably call your bluff)
You: (Shout from as far away as possible screaming) Help!
You: We aren’t kidding kiddo, now don’t act smart and try to call the cops. Go and give the phone to an elder. Explain everything beforehand. I want to get straight to the point.

Now once they do hand over the phone, talk like you normally do as if nothing has happened. Now guess who will be in trouble for apparently pranking their elders.

 Be an animal!

Honestly, let your inner animal do the talking. Start meowing or woofing or rapidly panting into the phone. If it is one of your good pals, they will surely join in. If it is someone you aim at avoiding, they won’t bear it for long. Promise!


Although the above-mentioned funny ways to answer the phone are bound to give you a good laugh, it is advised to play along with caution because if any of them go overboard, it might land you in serious trouble. So make sure to play safe.

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