The FittishMomofBoys is a well-known figure. She recently witnessed her son bending over and feeding himself strong cock strokes while using a public restroom. He made noisy, vulgar, and guttural moans rather than quiet ones. Read her account for more details. Perhaps you too would like to be a FittishMomofBoys! Excerpts from the memoir “The Fittish Mom of Boys” are included in this article.

The fetish of a mother’s story

A mother is inclined to worry when her son becomes pregnant with a girl. However, the boy’s behaviour isn’t as alarming as a mother may believe. In fact, she frequently discovers the offender in the closet. The mother understands what it’s like to be in the victim’s position because she has been a victim of herself.

She was extremely moved by the boy’s upper body’s attractiveness when she first met her kid. She like admiring the attractive buttocks of males. She had never seen a pair of buns that were more manly. She noticed the boy’s rear end, but her mother didn’t appear to see the rest of the boy’s body. She was instead entranced by the boy’s manhood’s penis and its root.

The tale of her son

The beginning of FittishMomofBoys’s story takes place in a suburban New Jersey apartment. Even though Vicki had been carrying her son since he was a baby, she was still in awe of his handsome masculinity. She still thought of him as her little boy even though she had reared him since he was a child. He was the ideal man in her eyes, with a stunning figure.

The account of Elijah

In the fictional story of a gay man and a straight woman’s first oral contact, The Story of Elijah’s First Oral Intercourse, Elijah is a man who unintentionally gives a gay man a handjob. Elijah and Hannah have been together for a long, and for the past two years, Elijah has been after Hannah’s potential love interest. The narrative starts when Hannah and Elijah cross paths at a public dancing studio. When they first meet, Elijah is mesmerised by her performances. Elijah accepts to move in with Hannah when Hannah becomes irritated with his behaviour. Hannah ends her relationship with Adam in the next episode.

Elijah and Hannah are reunited later on in the episode. For the first time since college, they get together. Elijah thinks that Hannah got HPV from him. He assumes that Hannah learned about him through a neighbour and informs her that she did. Elijah reveals to Hannah that he and Hannah are both gay and that Adam had lied about getting tested for HPV.

Janice Pleasurebum’s story

The Fittish Mom of Boys was Janice Pleasurebum. She is the proud wife of a middle school jock and mother of three boys. Hunter was a sweet, loving, and adorable youngster. Although she knew how much his parents loved him, she couldn’t help but remember his shocking prank. Janice struggled to maintain her composure and self-respect while being the mother of three boys. After her son had arrived home from school, she was obliged to wait in the kitchen until Hunter was sleeping. The youngster smiled knowingly as he glanced up at the shocked mother, who could not believe her fear.

Fortunately, Janice was home when her son got home, and she prayed against hope that he wouldn’t be watching TV or playing video games. However, Janice could hear moaning emanating from her son’s room as she got closer to the lavatory door. She shuddered at the memory of his groans. She immediately realised she needed to go inside to find out what was going on. Hunter began to groan louder. She ran to her son’s room but couldn’t control her speech. Later, she overheard several voices chatting in an offensive tongue. Another thirty minutes were spent with the groaning.

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