Female led relationships

After interviewing dozens of couples about female led relationships and considering the definitions of the MLR (FLR) from the perspective of both sexes, I have determined that there are two basic typologies in Female Led Relationships.

The two basic typologies of Female Led Relationships are Female Led Relationships that focus on controlling the man and Female Led Relationships that focus on the Empowerment of Women.

Female led relationships that focus on controlling the man.

Female led relationships that focus on controlling the man are the main fantasy of men who are interested in female led relationships. These men generally call it Femdom or Female Domination.

They want a severe woman who is focused on correcting their mistakes in a harsh way, punishing them and abusing them emotionally. They long for rejection. They want to be controlled.

 They want to be afraid of the woman they are with. They are generally masochists; they are people who enjoy pain.

If you talk to a man who openly expresses that he wants to have a relationship led by a woman and you ask him what typology he is interested in.

If he uses the words ‘authority’ or ‘control’, you probably want an RLM (FLR) centered on him and it is NOT what we are focusing on at LovingFLR.Com.

Why? We do not focus on RLMs (FLRs) that focus on men because, by their only definition, Relationships Led by Women must be focused on WOMEN. Men flip words so that their masochistic desires can be fulfilled.

You will end up constantly paying attention to him, teasing him and punishing him. Your free time will be spent thinking about ways to keep it entertained.

ALL the men I have met who are already in RLM (FLR) and report unsatisfying experiences are because they want their wives to do more for them, punish them more, tease them more, and deny them their sexual pleasures.

Couples who report complete satisfaction are the ones who focus on La Mujer’s happiness. Her happiness fuels his happiness, rather than punishment and control for his happiness.

If it’s not about You, then it’s not TRUE.

What do you want?

You want a LOVELY Woman-Led Relationship that is based on Empowering Women.

Female led relationships that focus on Female’s Empowerment

Female led relationships that focus on empowering women are called adorable female-led relationships.

 When a couple accepts a lovable RLM (FLR) that operates under this concept, the couple is happier, the children grow up and witness to a loving father and mother who they are treated with respect and love, where the woman achieves dreams that she could never have without his support.

This is the kind of Woman Led Relationship that YOU are looking for. You are looking for a man where your happiness is the priority in his life.

If you need help, he helps you. When you need love, he offers you. He is always thinking of ways to please you.

 No dream you could wish for is out of his reach, or at least he will try to make it happen in some way. This man is delighted to see how to achieve even more than he could achieve. He will not complain that you are not ‘dominating’ him enough or that you are not meeting his needs. His needs consist of just one thing: making sure you are well cared for and happy.

How can you tell if a man wants a lovely female led relationships? Simple. If he expresses his need, he will not hesitate to assure it.

Always says YES when you (he) want something done. He doesn’t say no to you when you express that something is important to you.

 He asks for your opinion on decisions because he wants to make sure that you are satisfied first.

Welcome to the world of adorable female led relationships! Whichever path you choose, make sure YOU are happy!

Reasons Why Female led relationships Is Just Great

Since the beginning of time, men have always sought to be on top. There is something about being an Alpha male that satisfies their male ego bullshit.

 Even so, history proves that women of all ages and backgrounds were taken seriously and advertised as equal to men.

 Cleopatra, Empress Wu Zetian and Elizabeth I are just a few examples of women in unprecedented positions of power.

Nowadays, many more women lead not only households, but entire nations.

 From the single mom who lives across the street to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, women are quickly proving to men that they can handle as much, if not more, than them.

Wearing the Metaphorical Pants in a Female Led Relationship

When it comes to relationships, letting the woman wear the pants is a relatively taboo subject.

Men may be willing to give up their seat in the boardroom, but they are not as willing to give up their seat at the head of the table.

However, times are changing and men all over the world are starting to understand that leaving their wives in charge is not such a bad thing.

Establishing a strong hierarchy in a relationship is just as important as establishing one in a business.


 Women are fully aware of everything that is going on. From knowing exactly when the cookies in the oven are made, to understanding what bothers you, women are aware of their surroundings and will do their best to ensure smooth sailing.

Multitasking capabilities

There’s no denying that a woman can juggle a full-time job, keep the kids alive, make sure the house is tidy, and keep the spark alive in the bedroom.

For men, this is a prime scenario. Who wants that, when they can have it all?

Organized and efficient

 I have a full time job and so does my partner. The difference between him and me is that despite working long hours, I am still able to stay organized and efficient at home and at my office.

From making dinner reservations, keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, and other important dates, I do it all.

Never once did the idea of ​​letting him do all of this cross my mind.

 I do not doubt his ability to do so; I doubt his ability to do it well.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

ask for directions, sign up for marriage counseling, women don’t have the ego that men do.

If something is wrong or if they cannot do something, they will not hesitate to ask for help.

Men usually retreat to their caves and hope the problem will go away, which obviously doesn’t solve anything.

 Better communication

 Couples in female led relationships express themselves better than others, which gives them a greater chance of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

 This is because they understand that expressing themselves and engaging in fluent communication is more important than engaging in a senseless scream  or worse, silencing each other.

There’s no reading between the lines

 Some might call it bossy, but I call it taking control. When you take the guesswork out of everyday situations, things run smoothly and efficiently.

 For example, instead of implying that the male is picking up his socks, the female leader will simply tell him to do it and it will be done.

 Of course, the woman must learn not to abuse her power, because the goal is for both parties to have a happy relationship.

Be equal

 In a female led relationship, the man does not hold all the power, even though he earns more money than his wife.

There is a good distribution of power that both parties can enjoy – and this is gender equality at its best.

Less pressure

Once the female is taken care of, there is less pressure on the male. The male does not have to worry about much else besides making his wife happy.

As mentioned above, female multitask much better than men, and it is this ability to juggle a lot at once that will help the relationship flourish and bring relief to both parties.

More satisfaction

When things go well, there is no doubt that both parties will feel a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

No one likes her when the going is going downhill, and in most female-led relationships there is no need to worry about things going wrong.

 Females seem to have a greater sense of responsibility when taking care of children and housework, and there is no doubt that she will do a great job managing the relationship as well.

Good learning experience

 Whether you choose to try out a female-led relationship for a while or change the dynamics of your relationship entirely, there is no doubt that you will learn something from the experience.

 Changing roles will give both parties the chance to appreciate and understand what the other usually has to do, which in turn will encourage unity.


When experiencing female led relationships, it is important to note that the main goal is to break the stereotype and give the same power and meaning to men and women.

No one should take over and feel entitled to it. Respect and love must be reciprocal. When all these conditions are met, you can enjoy a perfect relationship.

Like everything else, there are bound to be challenges in a female-led relationship. Examples include dissatisfaction and the struggle for customary power.

However, there’s no reason why you can’t work through them and come out stronger than ever as a couple.

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