The handicraft industry is adding great value to the Indian Economy and its GDP for many years. It is the art of creating products either by hand or with the assistance of tools. In India, there is a great potential for employment generation in the handicraft industry. The industry holds millions of artists and also employs several new artists. The essence of handicraft is the raw materials used to craft the handicraft items are very easily available. Craftsmen and artists can make a large number of handicrafts in India without affecting nature and sustainability.

Showcasing Culture and Employment:

The contribution of the Indian handicraft industry to rural employment and the Indian economy has been outstanding. Indian handmade craft items ranging from metal, wood, bamboo, glass, terracotta, clay, etc. have a great demand in every region across the globe.

The most popular handicrafts include ceramic pots, carpets, candle stands, vases, pen holders, ashtrays which come from various parts of India like Gujrat, Rajasthan, Goa, Punjab which provides a wide range of handicrafts in India.

The handicraft industry in India is highly labor-intensive and decentralized. The industry is widely spread all over the country in rural and urban areas, some of the areas are still unknown to many. Most of the manufacturing is done in the small villages and rural areas, there is great market potential in every Indian town and overseas.

Indian Handicraft industry is the main source of income for many families in rural areas; entire villages depend on the income generated from the business of handicrafts from many generations. This particular industry provides employment to over six million people, including a large number of women: and people from the backward and weaker sections of the society.

Demand & Technology

There is a great demand for Indian handicrafts online in both domestic and international markets. There is a requirement for advanced technology and innovations specific to the handicraft industry.

Marble, Copper and Wood Handicrafts Industry

Marble is the best raw material for making handicraft items in India. Marble is used in decorating many things like statues, temples, and other numerous marble handicrafts that are very high in demand.

Everyone wants to have some kind of memento or memory in the form of a wooden handicraft item. It is the art form of converting wooden logs into a fine and beautiful piece of handicrafts like wooden kitchen items, religious items, and other marvelous products in India.

Cooper is a material that is considered divine and indicates purity. It is the key material that is used to make items for religious use like handcrafted Diya’s, idols, and other decorative items. It is also used to make copper utensils that are good for health.


The pandemic has affected every industry very badly, but it is worse with the handicraft industry. Most people in this industry are rural laborers, artists, and people who earn mainly by making these handicrafts. This is the time they need us the most, so go get yourself beautiful handicrafts manufactured by Indian artisans.

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