Exile on Your Street: The Rolling Stones Augmented Reality App for iPhone and Android From the maker of The Beatles Augmented Reality application comes Exile on Your Street – an app that lets Rolling Stones fans mythologize the band in augmented reality. With the app, which works on iPhone 3Gs and Google Android phones, Stones fans will ready to fly-post their streets, homes or offices with virtual interactive posters of the rock icons. Using their phones, people with the app are ready to ‘stick’ virtual posters to the places they pass. 

Attached to the posters they’ll add a comment, one among 28 tracks from the double album and a brief video clip of the band. Friends or passers-by with the app are ready to scrutinize their phone screens and see all the posters left by other users within a 2km radius. they’ll then hear the tracks stuck to the posters, watch the video, discuss other people’s posters and leave their own. When I was about 12 years old, I gave my mother a blank card and wrote “Happy Christmas, Happy Birthday, valid until 2010”. 

That was probably the last greetings card I sent. It’s faithful say i’m not referred to as someone who sends cards, except in fact the wife on Valentines Day, you don’t ignore that one twice. Ingloble Technologies have released the primary ever augmented reality greetings card service which could be a dream come faithful people like me. Now we are able to send a free greetings card that uses augmented reality and send a greetings card that may be remembered. 

It’s actually a extremely cool service and works rather well, it’s absolute to take care fire hit this Christmas. Just visit www.arwishes.com to style your card, select the image and a music track, enter the recipients name and a message then hit send and you’re done. The Rolling Stones app opens a singular window on the globe and creates a brand new thanks to experience the legendary songs. 

Through the screen of the phone, ordinary streets become galleries of rock photos and therefore the ability to anchor songs to places makes journeys into spatial mixtapes where new songs are activated as you or your friend walk past certain points. 

Exile on Your Street is additionally available as an internet site and Facebook app which is able to allow you to leave posters for your friends anywhere within the world – employing a map to drop the posters and songs where you wish them. 

The 18 posters available come from a variety of photographs taken by Dominic Tarlé during the Stones’ stay in Nellcôte, France within the early 1970s, once they recorded Exile on Main Street. To download the app you wish a smartphone with the Augmented Reality browser Layar installed – available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and Google Android phones. 

About Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality mixes virtual computer-generated content with reality; as an example when images of the 000 world are overlaid with virtual images. The computer-generated content are often pegged to particular locations and made to interact with the important world. 

About Layar:

Layar may be a platform available on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and Google Android phones which allows developers to create apps using augmented reality. About Howard Ogden and Augmented Reality: Augment Reality could be a company founded by Howard Ogden to make apps for Layar, it’s been behind several of the foremost high-profile Augmented Reality apps so far including the Beatles AR app released in December 2009, Find a Property and Dubai Metro.

one aspect of the Layar Development Cycle we take great care of – and we believe we are unique in that respect – is generating users/traffic. Many developers simply expect to build it and they will come. Not the case.

We have developed a series of tried and techniques for promoting layers. Have a look at what we have achieved with Funda, the largest real estate company in Holland.

But, I hear you say, Layar is growing the number of users – so doesn’t that growth just reflect more users on the platform? No, here’s 2 reasons:

1) There are more Layers built every week – so more competition.

2) I’ll share some stats from our own, as yet un-optimized, layers

Screenshots Layer (3D) :

We felt bad keeping all the cool stuff to ourselves, so, our latest layer – Screenshots Layer (3D) was launched a fortnight ago. This is a collection of some of the 3D objects we have tested in our AR Lab.

The concept behind the layer is self-explanatory.  Load it up, view cool 3D objects, and take screenshots. You can share the pictures via MMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or just keep them to show your friends.

In the short time since launch, the layer has climbed steadily up the “popular” list of layers and is currently at 3rd position! The response has been amazing.

Augmented Reality Autos :

Every now and then we do stuff in testing that will never see the light of day….. that is, until now.


Placing a 3D version of a new car in Augmented Reality is now possible with Layar. Couple this with an audio and video tour and you’ve got a great tool for selling autos. This is an early concept – the positioning and altitude issues seen in the screenshots can easily be ironed out in a production version.

From our AR Lab :

The new “AR lab” category of this blog will show you some screenshots of our concepts… and, maybe if there’s sufficient demand to produce it, we will.

LAB01 – The Burj Khalifa in Dubai

This is a 1:1 scale 3D model (860 meters high) of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai shown in augmented reality. The first screenshot (below) is taken 558 meters away from it.  If you walked towards it,  the true scale of this super-scraper would become clear

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