United States of America s famously known as the “Land of Opportunities” because of its huge economy and high standards of living that one can attain in this country. Every year thousands of people apply for immigration into the United States of America in a bid to better their economic conditions and improve their standards of living. Applying for a United States visa has never been easy but with the introduction of ESTA things have started to change.

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It is simply a mechanism where you can apply for the United States visa online through their website by following a few simple steps. The process of applying the visa through the ESTA platform is very straight forward. You simply go to their website, you first fill out the very basic information such as your name, number, social security number and marital status etc. ESTA then seeks information specifically about your purpose of visit into the USA, how long do you intend to stay there and your recent travel history etc.

One of the best things about the ESTA visa is that during the visa period one can make unlimited number of visits to the USA. The time period for which an ESTA visa is granted is maximum 2 years after which you can seek a renewal of your visa. The ESTA platform is available to the citizens of a few selected countries whose citizens can enjoy the privilege of getting visa s sitting at home on the laptops saving them from the hassle of going to the American consulate. One stands out feature of ESTA is the very fact that one can obtain an urgent visa from the website in only 1 hour. Yes! you read that right that it takes only 60 minutes to process the entire urgent application. An email and an sms is communicated to the client once the visa is granted.

In today’s world where the global pandemic of the coronavirus has put life to halt, this electronic system for travel authorization service has become more important than ever before. The need for social distancing has led to the closure of markets, schools, embassies almost literally everything. Where schools are offering online education, markets are being run through e-commerce, ESTA serves as one of the world’s rarest platforms where one can get a visa through an online service. Since embassies in all countries have been shut down, ESTA is rightly serving as a platform where the United State authorities are reviewing visa applications and making informed decisions. Hence, this unprecedented crisis has led to an increase in the usefulness of the ESTA service. Moreover, paying for ESTA has never been this easier as its partnership with Master Card, American Express and Pay Pal makes it very convenient for its customers to pay the service charges online.

Once you are done with the entire process and you have your American visa in hand, you will probably feel the luckiest person around. Life in the States is so enthralling and inclusive that once you step foot into the golden land and you will never want to leave the place. It is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders such as the Niagara Falls etc. It is also the worlds most developed country in terms of infrastructure, human capital and standards of living. All these stats speak for themselves about the greatness of the USA. New York is the largest city of the country and is often labelled as the city that never sleeps due to its 24/7 vibrant streets and roads. Los Angeles, LA, as they call is the casino capital of the world and a famous place for tourists and visitors from across the globe.

With so much on offer, I wonder why are you still reading the article. Simply go to ESTA’s website, register, submit your application and get ready for your adventure to the land of golden opportunities.

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