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Drew Sangster is no stranger to the silver screen. He’s starred in a number of popular films, including The Rover and Snowtown.  In the film, Drew plays a character who is fighting for his life after being in a car accident. It’s a gripping story that promises to be unlike any other you’ve seen before.

What Drew Sangster is working on now

He’s now working on a new film called The Last Witch Hunter, which is set to be released in October this year.

He also shares some insights into his career and what he plans to do next.

What Drew Sangster is working on now?

It’s an action-packed thriller that differs significantly from my past work. It’s been a lot of fun to get back into character-based acting again after spending so many years doing physical stunts!

How Drew Sangster got his start in Hollywood

Drew Sangster got his start in Hollywood at the tender age of thirteen, when he secured a role in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.

Drew Sangster: What inspired you to become an actor?

But once I got my first role on Home and Away, things started happening pretty quickly from there. It was great being part of that show for six years.

A Few Good Men is your latest project; can you tell us about that?

A Few Good Men is

What Drew Sangster thinks about the industry today

There’s a lot of discussion in the industry right now about the future of cinema. With so many platforms vying for our attention, is cinema still viable? For Drew Sangster, one thing is for sure – he loves making films! In this exclusive interview with BMD, the Hollywood D-Lister discusses his new film, The distribution landscape and how it’s affecting filmmakers.

Drew Sangster is a passionate filmmaker who loves making films. He’s had a successful career in Hollywood, but he says that’s not what motivates him. “I love movies,” he says. “I love telling stories onscreen.”

This love translates into the films that Drew Sangster has made over the years. His latest project is The distribution landscape and how it’s affecting filmmakers, which tells the story of two brothers trying to make their mark in a changing industry. It was filmed over five years and has taken its toll on Drew; it’s been his most challenging project yet.

But despite all the challenges, Drew is confident that filmmaking will continue to be popular. “The way people consume information has changed so much,” he says. “People are more engaged than they ever have been before and they want content that resonates with them.”

Drew Sangster believes that filmmaking can still offer something unique and special to audiences, even when faced with competition from other forms of media. “Film offers an opportunity to connect with people on a much deeper level,” he

What Drew Sangster would tell aspiring actors and actresses

Drew Sangster, a Hollywood d-lister, reveals all in his new film, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” Drew is best known for his roles in “Casualty” and “The Mentalist.” He talks about the pressures of being an actor and how to deal with rejection.

The thirty-six-year-old from England is best known for his roles on British television. He’s appeared in episodes of “Casualty” and “The Mentalist,” and he even had a small role in the blockbuster movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.” But it’s his role as Eggsy Unwin in the 2016 movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” that has really put him on the map.

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which was released last week, Drew stars alongside Colin Firth (who played Harry Potter’s nemesis Lord Voldemort) and Taron Egerton (who played Guy Pearce’s son in the movie). In this exclusive interview with PopBuzz, Drew opens up about what it was like to play Eggsy again after all these years, how much fun he had making this new film, and how much pressure there is to be successful as an actor.

PopBuzz: What drew you back to playing Eggsy in Kingsman: The Golden Circle?

Drew Sangster: I don’t think I could ever

Drew Sangster’s favorite role

Musician and filmmaker who has starred in films such as “The Brothers Grimm” and “Edge of Tomorrow”. He’s also known for his role as Paul Knight in the television series “Midsomer Murders”. In this exclusive interview, Drew Sangster tells us about his latest project: a new film called “The Happy Prince”.

What drew you to the role of the Happy Prince in the film?

It was really fun to play. I loved how he’s just this free spirit who doesn’t take things too seriously. He’s always looking on the bright side, despite all that he’s been through. I think that resonates with a lot of people.

How did you prepare for the role?

I watched a lot of movies about princes and happy endings, so I tried to channel that energy into my performance. I also spent some time practicing ballet, which helped me move around gracefully on set.

Did you have any challenges while filming the movie?

There were definitely some challenging scenes where I had to do a lot of action work. But thankfully, director John Lee Hancock was really supportive and helped me stay calm during those sequences.

What Drew Sangster would do if he could go back in time

he would definitely choose to attend his high school graduation. The actor, who is best known for his roles on the TV series Midsomer Murders and in the films Starter For 10 and 22 Jump Street, recently completed filming his latest project, The Boy With The Dragon Tattoo. “It was wonderful to revisit my teenage years and play a character just a little bit younger than myself,” Drew says of the role. “[I]t was great fun to work with [director] David Fincher again.”

Drew Sangster wasn’t always destined for a career in acting. After attending high school in Wales, he studied at University College London before landing his first professional role in the British TV series Midsomer Murders. His American fans were introduced to him when he starred as Jake Sullivan on the reboot of the hit TV series 21 Jump Street. Since then, he’s appeared in films such as Starter For 10 and 22 Jump Street and most recently played Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011). In this exclusive interview, Drew tells us about working with director David Fincher and how playing a younger version of himself helped him develop his character.

“David wanted me to make [Mikael] edgy but not over-the-top; he wanted him to be believable as someone who could do some terrible things,” Drew explains. “For me, it


Hollywood D-Lister Drew Sangster recently completed filming his latest project, an exclusive interview on the film can be read here. The film tells the story of a small town in rural Iowa that is rocked by a series of murders. Although the details are tightly guarded, Drew has promised that it is “one hell of a ride” and we can’t wait to see it when it comes out in 2019.

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