Dehika is the name of the goddess of wisdom. She is from the Hindu religion. This goddess is also known as the goddess of learning and has taught many languages to people. Among her many accomplishments is her ability to speak Sanskrit fluently. Having the capacity to speak multiple languages is essential to succeeding in the modern world. Having a sufficient vocabulary makes it easier for people to communicate with others and improves their sense of well-being.


Dehika is a word that has multiple meanings in the Hindu religion. This word, which comes from the Sanskrit language, means “looking down” or “to look at.” It can also mean “a big family.” Its meaning is significant in Indian culture and history. Find out more about Dehika’s meaning in Hindi and Sanskrit.

The word dehi is derived from the word ‘deha.’ This word can refer to any part of the human body or spirit. It can also refer to the spirit soul, which dwells within the body. The words dehi and deha are closely related to each other. It is important to know the difference between these two terms because they refer to different things. The term deha, dehi, and dehah are similar but are not the same.

Dehika in Sanskrit is a feminine word, similar to female. However, it can also mean ‘termite’. In Devanagari, this word is pronounced as ‘dehikaa’, while the word in SLP1 and Harvard-Kyoto transliteration is similar to ‘dehika’. The word ‘dhika’ is also used to express disapproval, rejection, or self-criticism. The word ‘dhik’ is a popular word in Indian culture, and it can be found in street protests, slogans, and political statements.


Dehika in English is a word with many definitions and pronunciations. The following article will help you understand this word. You can also find examples of dehika in other languages. If you want to learn more about this word, you should visit the Pasttenses Hindi English translation dictionary. It contains 1 English word for dehikaa, as well as many related Hindi words.

Dehika is a feminine name for a mother. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word dehika. It is used as a noun in Hindi. The term dehika is feminine and originates from Sanskrit. In English, dehika means mother or grandmother.

The meaning of dehika varies depending on the context and the relationship between the verb and its object. In Hindi, dehika means “to look at” or “to stare at.” A dehika is someone who is interested in something or someone, so it’s important to know the definition of dehika. You can learn more about dehika by visiting the Dehika Dictionary or by reading Dehika Facts. For example, positive dehika means “to inspire others” while negative dehika means “to be quick to anger.”

The meaning of dehika varies in English, Hinduism, and Sanskrit. In some contexts, the word can mean ant, flea, pandemic, or something else entirely. However, dehika can also mean “to catch or take something.” Hence, it is important to learn the meaning of dehika in Hindi.


This past tense is used to talk about past actions before the action occurs in the present. It is most commonly used in nonfiction texts, though it is not a very common tense in everyday language. The past tense can refer to the past, the present, or the future. The past tense has two main forms: simple and continuous. The simple past tense is the most common.


Dehika is a commonly used Hindi word that has several different meanings depending on the context and the relation between the verb and the object. Some common synonyms of dehika include: catch, take, and like. The word is used to describe someone with good qualities, such as high willpower, charm, and balance. A person with a dehika personality is also considered to be a good communicator.

The word dehika can be derived from one of two roots: majjitum (av.+8ec.) or tvara (av.+ec.). The most common form is majjitum, but the more complex form is tvara, which derives from the verb cyavayisa. In the Bahuvri language, the i comes before the ka, so the word dhanuska is a close alternative. The -agirka stem, however, disappears in the Sanskrit language. The synonyms dhanuska and ghosi are also found.

To learn more about dehikaa in English, visit the Pasttenses Hindi English dictionary. This dictionary includes 1 English word for dehikaa as well as similar Hindi words. The translations in this dictionary are designed to be easy to understand and provide clarity. There are also translations available for other languages.

Dehika is a Hindi word with several meanings in English and Sanskrit. Its meaning depends on context. It can mean “ant” or “worm,” or it can even refer to a pandemic. While this word is commonly used in English, it also has multiple meanings in Hindi and Sanskrit. For example, in Hindi, dehika means “to catch or take something.” There are various attributes of dehika, from charm to independence.


Dehika means “to catch”, “to take”, or “to look at.” The word can refer to someone looking down or at something. It is an important word in Indian language, and it has a variety of meanings. To learn more about this Hindi word, read the definition below. The word also means “bold,” “courageous,” and “daunting.”

This Hindi word is derived from Sanskrit and has 6 letters including consonants. It is also a Noun and belongs to the Feminine gender. The word is used in many contexts, but is most often used in the context of a female. It is also a form of “dehika,” a word which originated in Sanskrit.

If you are curious about the meaning of Pis in Hindi, you can search it in a Hindi dictionary. You can also look up synonyms of this word online. You can also search its pronunciation using a voice dictionary. This way, you can see how the word looks like in Hindi and see how it sounds in different contexts.

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