Food and alcohol are a combo that’s older than history itself, and Columbus has perfected the art.  If you’re in town and want to try some incredible craft brews while also getting the best food in the state, you’re in the right place.

These are the best breweries that serve tasty eats and drinks in Columbus! 

Hoof Hearted Brewery and Kitchen

Whether you’re eager to get a great burger and some well-seasoned fries, or you’re more interested in a stout that you’ve never tried before, it’s time to stop into Hoof Hearted Brewery and Kitchen!  This restaurant and brewery have a fun beachy vibe while offering some of the best food you could find.  Locals rave about their wings, while tourists say this place has the best burger in the city! 

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

When you’re beat from looking at Columbus apartments for rent and need a break, it’s time to stop and catch a drink at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing!  It’s always nice to get a new experience, and since many of the menu items are high-end fusion dishes at an affordable price, you’ll never want to go anywhere else!

Offering incredible beers on tap and fresh ingredients in every meal, you’ll love the salmon burger or drool over the fingerling potatoes!  

Seventh Son Brewing Company

As the highest-rated brewery on this list, Seventh Son Brewing Company works hard to keep its reputation going!  Gorgeous decor welcomes you in, and the fantastic food and drinks keep you here.

The best part of Seventh Son is they occasionally have live music on stage and always rotate through new flavors and interesting drinks.  Many say this is the stop to visit if you’re unsure of where to go.

Knotty Pine Brewing

From great flavor combinations on the plate to fantastic selections in the glasses, you’ll fall in love with Knotty Pine Brewing.  This is the most expensive brewery on this list, offering salmon and asparagus with blood orange and peach seltzer, and every bite will let you know the flavor is worth the cost.

The attention to detail paid to every bite and sip will let you feel special and give you the opportunity to relax and allow yourself to get pampered.

Barley’s Brewing Company

Sometimes things are as simple as wanting a beer and some wings.  If you’d rather have a laid-back environment to drink and eat delicious food, it’s time to head to Bradley’s Brewing Company.  This awesome brewery has craft beers, classic American comfort food, and a real eye for hospitality.  

Whatever games are hot right now always end up on the television, and make the game night so much better.  Whether you’re surrounded by fellow fans of your team, or your adversary’s, you can have a great time cheering the game on.  This is an awesome place to go if you want lowkey fun and excitement.

Columbus Knows That Breweries Rock!

Cutting loose with a drink and some food is the best way to have fun!  Check out some of these awesome breweries and get some relaxation while you’re here.

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