Smoking used to be a ubiquitous act — you only have to watch a classic Hollywood movie to see just how much people smoked in the past. However, despite the health problems cigarettes are now known to cause, over 30 million Americans still smoke. 

These numbers are greatly reduced from decades before because of the introduction of vapes. Vapes, e-cigarettes, or vaporizers, are an alternative to smoking that comes with a different set of considerations and concerns.

This article will walk you through some key considerations when comparing cigarettes vs vapes.

Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking 

Later on in this article, we will share some concerns about vaping with you. However, don’t let them give you the wrong idea. At the end of the day, vaping is definitely healthier than smoking. 

First of all, those who vape inhale a lower amount of chemicals. One of the most famously dangerous things about cigarettes is just how many chemicals they contain. Tobacco itself is dangerous, but extra dangerous are all of the pesticides and fillers that go into your standard cigarette. 

There’s no doubt that smoking causes lung cancer. There has been a rise in vape-related lung injuries lately, but they usually only happen when people modify their vaping devices. If you use vapes as advertised, they’re significantly less damaging than cigarettes. 

The tar in cigarettes causes your breath to smell terrible, and your teeth to yellow. These are aesthetic concerns, but you should still keep them in mind. No chemicals in vapes are known to cause these effects. 

There Are Still Unknowns About Vaping

Perhaps the most dangerous thing we know about vapes is that they contain nicotine. Nicotine, while not dangerous so in-of-itself (it still raises the risk of heart attacks) is highly addictive. 

This becomes a problem when you consider the fact that we’re still not entirely sure of all of the facts about vapes. There is emerging data linking vaping with types of asthma and chronic lung disease. You don’t want to wind up getting addicted to something that will later be found out to be terrible for you. 

Vaping Marijuana is Better Than Smoking 

New data suggests that some of the health problems typically associated with marijuana might just be from the process of smoking. However, if you vape marijuana, you bypass many of those problems, and simply gain the health benefits. 

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Cigarettes Vs Vapes

Though it’s a complicated issue, at the end of the day, cigarettes are more dangerous than vapes. Sure, vaping can cause some problems on a long enough timeline, but there isn’t anyone picking up cigarettes to try to quit their vaping problem. 

When considering cigarettes vs vapes, we recommend ditching cigarettes for vapes.

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