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Each year chiropractors treat over 35 million Americans.

While that is a large number, in fact, it’s roughly 10% of the US’s population, it doesn’t mean business is always easy to come by for chiropractors. As a chiropractor, marketing must be prioritized to keep your business growing.

So, how do you do that? If you’re not familiar with marketing for chiropractors, it can be difficult to know what strategies are worth trying and which aren’t.

That’s why in this post, we’ll go over 6 of the best chiropractor marketing tips available.

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1. Get on Social Media

Before choosing any service, many people will check each business’s social media to get a feel for each business’s personality. Having active social media accounts where you post informative, relevant information can make you seem knowledgeable and trustworthy. This can tip patients towards choosing your business.

When posting, don’t focus on just selling your business to people. Instead, focus on educating people on how seeing a chiropractor can improve their lives. Post short videos or infographics that can educate people on what exactly a chiropractor does. Providing information like this will help people see you as an authority in the field.

Being active on social media also gives you the opportunity to build an online network and connect with potential patients. Be sure to interact with them wherever appropriate, and answer any questions people ask.

2. Reputation Management

In a service-based business, nothing is more important than your reputation. When people are choosing a new service, especially something healthcare related, they rely heavily on recommendations and reviews. This can come from people they know and trust or from popular review sites on the internet.

Your first step to managing your reputation should always be to provide the best care possible to your current patients. This keeps them coming back and makes it more likely that they’ll recommend you.

Another big part of reputation management is monitoring online reviews. If you come across a negative review, it’s important that you address it and see if there’s anything you can do to rectify the situation. When you see positive reviews, you should thank them for their kind words.

Find as natural of a place as possible within your service to ask the patient to leave a positive review if they were happy with their experience. Just make sure you don’t get too pushy.

3. Build Business Relationships

As important as it is to maintain your reputation with your patients, it’s as important to do the same with other local businesses. That goes for both healthcare businesses and unrelated businesses.

Network with local doctors’ offices, hospitals, and alternative medicine practices. That way, when these people come across a patient that needs chiropractic services, they can refer them to you.

You should also build relationships like this with other local businesses outside of healthcare. Some ways you can do this are by helping to sponsor and run local events and offering wellness seminars for the other businesses’ employees.

The main goal is to get involved. The more a part of the local community you become, the more access you’ll have to potential patients. And the more they’ll trust you.

4. Prioritize SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is used to help your website rank as high as possible on search engines like Google.

While there’s a lot that goes into an SEO strategy, at the heart of it are the keywords you’re trying to rank for. When beginning to use SEO, you’ll want to create the different pages of your website and the pieces of content you put out with these keywords in mind.

If you don’t know much about SEO and don’t have the time to dedicate to learning it, you can work with an SEO agency. They will be able to steer you in the right direction by helping you develop and follow through on an SEO strategy.

5. Upgrade Your Website

While you’re executing your new or improved SEO strategy, it’s also a great time to make sure your website is up to snuff. Poorly designed or confusing websites can turn off potential patients and cost you business.

Make sure that your website is optimized so that it shows up clearly on both a computer screen and a mobile screen. You never know what device someone is using to do research. If people can’t easily access all of the same information on their mobile devices they are liable to simply look elsewhere.

The website should also be clearly labeled so it’s easy to navigate. Have clear, easy-to-find pages that describe you and your business, the services you offer, and your contact information as well as a page for your blog that will likely be a piece of your SEO strategy. Your website visitors should be able to find all of these pages within one click.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried and true method of digital marketing for chiropractors. As you add new patients, collect their email addresses and add them to your email list. Consider sending out a regular newsletter to this list.

Newsletters allow you to stay at the front of people’s minds while also positioning you as an expert in your field. They’re also a great way to keep patients updated on any changes made to your business.

You can also send other marketing emails to this list, just don’t overdo it. No one wants their email inbox to constantly be pinging from marketing emails.

Follow These Chiropractor Marketing Tips and Grow Your Business

Following these chiropractor marketing tips can help to breathe new life into your business. Do yourself and your business a favor by making this chiropractor advertising and marketing a priority.

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