Cryptocurrency is growing! Since its inception in 2008, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have recently changed our perspective on money and decentralized systems. Right? There has been an increase in broad acceptance of the technology and more investment in crypto is made. Additionally, there has been an increase in the industry’s legitimacy. As a result, the recent surge in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is drawing new investors.

Cryptocurrency in the future years!

We Antoni Trenchev, CEO and co-founder of Nexo, believes Bitcoin is estimated to go up tp $100,000 in the next 12 months. Simultaneously Trenchev, who is no new to making Bitcoin price forecasts, so far has urged cryptocurrency investors to brace themselves for further volatility in the near future. Well, Trenchev also told CNBC that the cryptocurrency’s grandfather might reach $100,000 and beyond. In the short term, he simultaneously is concerned about the impact of the Federal Reserve’s economic tightening actions on crypto and other assets.

He stated that he believed cryptocurrency values will decline in lockstep with other markets. However, the crypto heavies contend that this might potentially benefit crypto. What is the reason? He also suggested that a stock market meltdown may prompt the Federal Reserve to reintroduce economic easing measures. Economic easing, the theory goes, would result in more money flowing about, making investors more comfortable with riskier assets such as cryptocurrency.

However, Bitcoin’s price is now hovering above $40,000, which means that it would have to more than double in order for Trenchev’s forecast to come true. According to CoinGecko statistics, Bitcoin reached a high of over $68,000 in November. However, the economic and geopolitical environments were markedly different. Despite this, Bitcoin remains a very volatile asset. The world has already seen how rapidly it can reach new heights under the appropriate conditions. Right?

However, Trenchev’s most recent estimate follows the one they issued earlier this year. He projected in January that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 in 2022. Trenchev also predicted that the lead cryptocurrency will reach $50,000 in 2020. However, this prophecy was not fulfilled until 2021.

Is $100,000 a reasonable goal?

One of the many bizarre features of crypto trading is that you may discover Bitcoin price predictions i,e.,  ranging from complete collapse to a spike past $1 million if you look hard enough. For instance, Cathie Wood of Ark Invest predicted in January that Bitcoin might surpass $1 million by 2030. Only a month ago, the Bank of England’s deputy governor told the BBC that it might “practically collapse to zero.”

Predictions vary widely due to the fact that this is a very young and unproven business. While some feel Bitcoin has little long-term promise, others believe cryptocurrency has the capacity to change whole sectors. It might be challenging for investors to navigate the conflicting perspectives.

In reality, if you are investing for the long run, the issue of whether Bitcoin will hit $100,000 this year is irrelevant. What counts is how it performs over the next five, ten, or even twenty years. Even if you’re positive and believe Bitcoin will outperform in the long term, it’s critical to listen to the bears as well as the bulls.

The issue is that both the near and long term futures are fraught with uncertainty. We have no clue how the Federal Reserve’s economic tightening will effect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the coming months, or how increased regulation would affect them. Bitcoin may be overtaken by a more advanced form of digital money; states may create their own centralised GovCoins; and quantum computing may compromise Bitcoin’s security and undermine the whole industry’s foundation. These are just a few of the variables that might affect the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price to Surpass 100,000?

The creator of one of the most well-known Bitcoin indicators in the cryptocurrency space, the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, predicts Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by 2023. Below mentioned is a prediction for 2023. On the basis, of the ongoing growth in crypto, we have made an estimate of what it is going to be in the upcoming months. Let’s have a look!

The price projection for January 2023In the first place, Bitcoin’s price forecast for January 2023 is $52,241.55. Bitcoin’s average trade value is $54,568.81 USD, and it may reach a maximum of $57,647.16.  July price projection 2023Moreover, In this month it is expected to trade at a minimum of $51,075.62 in July 2023. Bitcoin’s average trade value is $55,151.86 USD, and it may reach a maximum of $58,809.48.
Price projection for March 2023Then, The price can be estimated here is $51,394.22. Bitcoin’s average trade value is $56,709.11 USD, and it may reach a maximum of $63,758.79.Bitcoin price projected in October 2023Further,Bitcoin is expected to trade at a minimum price of $51,701.86 in October 2023. Bitcoin’s average trade value is $55,611.22 in USD, and it may reach a maximum of $64,575.92.
Bitcoin’s price projection for May 2023Consequently, Bitcoin is expected to trade at a minimum of $50,641.52 in May 2023. Bitcoin’s average trade value is $53,109.76 USD, and it may reach a maximum of $55,260.10.Bitcoin’s December 2023 price forecastMeanwhile, Bitcoin is expected to trade at a minimum of $51,157.73 in December 2023. Bitcoin’s average trade value is $62,386.22 USD, and it can reach a high of $66,428.14 USD.


As a result, the appropriate approach to dealing with this uncertainty and the only barrier is to invest only cash that you can afford to lose. However, even if it completely fails, it will not deflate your financial sails.

Not to mention placing a higher premium on other financial objectives such as an emergency fund or retirement savings over crypto investments. It is more vital to build strong financial foundations that enable you to develop long-term wealth than it is to invest in high-risk assets like Bitcoin.

As a result, owning Bitcoin may make sense for certain investors. What matters is your financial situation and the role Bitcoin plays in your entire investment strategy. Thus, if you are willing to take a risk, have cash on hand, and believe in the long-term potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you may opt to invest a small percentage of your whole portfolio in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Merely avoid investing money that you do not require simply because Antoni Trenchev believes the price will more than double the next year.

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