Dreams, whether good or bad, transcribe our unconscious. If we frequently forget our pleasant dreams, we are marked by our nightmares and seek to grasp them. they’re often the reflection of our fears, our anxieties, our discomfort. Nightmares scare us, but they will also if we all know the way to hear them and understand them, allow us to grasp ourselves better.

The origins of the nightmare

Nightmares and dreams occur during two phases of sleep: slumber, characterized by intense brain activity, and slow deep sleep. Nightmares are a mirrored image of our inner conflicts, be they family, marital, or professional. A disguised representation of our experience.

We have more nightmares in times of stress, once we have personal, financial problems when negative events occur. Each of us doesn’t necessarily reflect deep discomfort or psychological problems. It can, on the opposite hand, be controversial when it becomes recurrent, influences our sleep, our behavior, and maybe an indication of true discomfort.

Their role

Many psychologists consider nightmares to assist manage inner conflicts and emotions. Their mechanism remains a mystery, as they’re difficult to review. But specialists believe that nightmares allow us to get or clarify truths that we don’t know or have difficulty in conceiving. They generally warn us of a danger that we feel without having the ability to place words on that. As an example, after you feel that something is wrong together with your relationship, but you can not open your eyes to infidelity. Nightmares are sometimes more reliable and meaningful than what we consciously perceive. They also help to assimilate painful memories and digest them.

Their meaning

Some nightmares are common in many of us and are typical of certain situations that will explain them.

Losing your teeth

This nightmare can have positive or negative meaning betting on the context. It can reflect a sense of insecurity because of the loss of something important (a dear for example), anxiety, discomfort, or anguish thanks to a dilemma that’s difficult to resolve. It may also mean something positive, a desire for private expansion, the urge to require care of yourself, or a desire for renewal.

Being naked publically

This nightmare, which frequently arouses shame, will be interpreted differently reckoning on the link to nudity that one has. This may translate a desire for physical and sexual freedom, an uneasiness vis-à-vis his adolescence marked by an excessive amount of repression, or an exposure of his true personality, a sense of vulnerability.

A fall

It may be a physiological explanation due to the transition from waking up to sleep: we suddenly go to sleep. But the autumn within the dream can even be a logo of a sense of insecurity or of the prospect of getting to throw oneself headlong into novelty. It can even be a warning sort of danger.

Lost, or prisoner

This feeling, in a dream, refers to the perception that we’ve of reality about the trail to require, in any field whatsoever. The sensation of running out of options or having too many options can create stress that has to be identified to urge to avoid these nightmares. Without an acceptable response, this nightmare is commonly the primary step before moving on to the following ones.

A machine or a phone that does not work

Unless you have experienced these worries too often with technology, this kind of nightmare is often diagnostic of a sense of loss: the estrangement of honey, physical or emotional. , or the impression of getting unwittingly erected a barrier with those around him. If this nightmare is recurring, ask yourself about the link you’ve got along with your “friends” and if you haven’t let it all rot a small amount.

The natural or man-made disaster

This type of nightmare is usually very meaningful: a disaster dream would consult with an imminent “disaster”. It’s therefore important to spot what, in our dream, makes us powerless and to work out which event of our reality plunges us into this state and constitutes a source of stress sometimes unconscious.

A failed exam

The first relationship that we’ve with a possible failure haunts us long after the tip of our schooling. This fear of being evaluated illustrates the sensation of deserving or not what one has. If we took an objective observation of what you’ve achieved in your life, would you be satisfied? If you dreamed of a replica of immaculate whiteness, it would not be.

The loss or destruction of one’s house

A house illustrates the dichotomy between the will to preserve what we’ve inside and therefore the image and solidity that we show on the surface. Your house is you. If your nightmare shows destruction or theft inside this house, within the privacy of your walls, this could be understood as a sense of betrayal or a fear of being manipulated.

Car breakdown

As at home, the vehicle you’re in symbolizes your own body. The car shows an impeccable exterior appearance when the mechanics stop, you have got to know this image because of the difference in perception that we’ve on the surface and inside. Heading straight for a crash betrays a sense of weakness or lack of control over one’s own life.

Injury, disease, or death

Beyond this belief that “if one dies during a dream, one dies in reality”, it’s necessary to relativize the gravity of this sort of vision: certainly, this morbid appearance in dreams may be to be compared to the link we’ve got with death when it concerns a beloved as an example. But sometimes it’s lighter, and this death can illustrate a change in his own life, which means a brand new era. New job, stop smoking, buy a hybrid car, you kill the old “you” to be reborn during a Prius.

Pursued or attacked

If it’s universally shared, it’s because this dream appeals to an instinct to escape from what, it seems, is stronger than us. In keeping with Freud, this dream manifests the anxiety of the individual, regardless of the seriousness of this concern. We expect we will cater to these little worries, your nightmares show you not, which you need to face them. Little more: If the pursuer includes a knife or an extended object, it’s certainly a sexual representation, that you just flee or to which you wish to relinquish it with guilt.

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