There are several ways to periodize the Anthropocene. The term has captured media attention and has even become a culturally contested matter. In the process, the boundaries between science and society have been blurred. The anthropocene has become a more common way of talking about our world.

In the 1990s, scientists began to discuss the Anthropozan, a cultural concept that has become a catalyst for interdisciplinary research. In the 1990s, the Anthropocene Working Group was formed, which focuses on this new geoscientific epoch.

The Anthropocene Working Group decided to disband because of disagreements. The majority of its members, however, are in favor of formalizing the term. The next step will be to look for a globally unique point of stratigraphic time, which can be identified as the global boundary between the Anthropocene and geologic time. This point needs to pass a stratigraphical muster for a specific interval of geological time.

The term was coined by Eugene F. Stoermer, a limnologist at the University of Michigan. He coined the term in the 1980s and co-authored the first scientific publication on the subject. However, he acknowledged that there had been previous acknowledgement of human impact on the planet. In 1864, George Perkins Marsh wrote Man and Nature. The anthropozoic era was also recognized by Antonio Stoppani, a geologist who called this era the Anthropocene.

Mark Stoermer

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Eric F. Stoermer

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Stoermer and Crutzen first proposed the term Anthropocene in 1980, when they wrote a newsletter for the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. It would not have occurred to them that their concept would so quickly rise to scientific prominence. Since then, it has spawned a wide range of debate and interest in the media, as well as the societal implications of its findings.

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